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Department of Anesthesiology and Critical care  

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Anesthesiology and Critical care



  • The vision of the department of Anaesthesia is to combine academic training, research and a humane approach for apt patient care.
  • To thoroughly train the postgraduate resident doctors in the field of Anesthesiology, critical care, Pain management and Resuscitative procedures, so as to make them proficient in all the aspects of their chosen specialty.
  • To provide the basic fundamental knowledge about Anesthesia and resuscitative measures to undergraduate medical students, doctors of other specialties and paramedical personnel.
  • To spread awareness among the general public regarding the importance of Anaesthesia and Critical Care.


  • To make the perioperative anesthetic journey of the patient safe, comfortable and pain free.
  • To provide adequate post operative analgesia.
  • To share a healthy and a professional relationship with the medical and paramedical staff for the prompt and efficient delivery of patient care.
  • To be strong, efficient, dedicated and a well organized back bone of the institution

Faculty Phone List

Sr. No. Name Of Faculty DesignationPhone number
1 Dr. Mrs. W.S Thatte Professor and HOD 9822553466
2 Dr. V.R.R Chari Professor 020- 26850368/ 9665932588
3 Dr. P. M. Velankar Professor 9422011042/ 020-25652159
4 Dr. (Ms). Mary Samuel Professor 9850154439
5 Dr. Mrs. Smita Joshi Professor 9822053792
6 Dr.Mrs. C. M. Suryawanshi Professor 9922888201
7 Dr. Sonal Khatavkar Associate Professor 9820434472
8 Dr. Aparna Girwalkar Associate Professor 9422710943
9 Dr. Bhavini Shah Assistant Professor 9850829994
10 Dr. Sarika Lonkar Assistant Professor 8888814895
11 Dr. Jaspreet Kaur Nagpal Assistant Professor 9923870611
12 Dr. Shilpa Naik Assistant Professor 9545488877
13 Dr. Anita Kulkarni Assistant Professor 9545007955
14 Dr. Anuradha Gupta Assistant Professor 9373339600
15 Dr. Deepak Kendre Assistant Professor 9850976242
16 Dr. Niraj Nalawade Assistant Professor 9823577785
17 Dr. Ashutosh Jaiswal Assistant Professor 9923588101
18 Dr. Vivek Deshmukh Assistant Professor 9021589847
19 Dr. Sujeet Joshi Assistant Professor 9822965019
20 Dr. Trupti Deshpande Senior Resident 9822544965
21 Dr.Manisha Surwade Senior Resident 9403383647
22 Dr. Abhijeet Kumar Singh Senior Resident 7798313513
23 Dr. Deepali Herode Senior Resident 9967294982
24 Dr. Sangita Thakare Senior Resident 9881429127
25 Dr. Archana Shelmohakar Senior Resident 9225634877
26 Dr. Anil Sonawane Senior Resident 8805222900
27 Dr. Neelawati Kasnale Senior Resident 9960716101
28 Dr.Vaishali Deokule Senior Resident 9923200159
29 Dr. Rajesh Randive Senior Resident 8888100410
30 Dr. Ramesh Jadhav Senior Resident 7507488994
31 Dr. Sandhya Khandagale Senior Resident 9960369736
32 Dr. Amruta Balkawade Senior Resident 9270523335
33 Dr.Gitajanali Pawar Senior Resident 9881738637
34 Dr.Sonali Vaste Senior Resident 9850500912
35 Dr. Bisswadeep Das Senior Resident 9028388640
36 Dr. Arun George Senior Resident 7875276150
37 Dr.Nitin Nachane Senior Resident 8983888678
38 Dr Mahavir Khot Senior Resident 9850035731

Courses Offered

Under graduate

MBBS : 10 clinics and 11 lectures provided to 8th & 9th semester students respectively

Post graduate

M.D. : 3 yrs Course (Intake: 7 students annually)

D.A. 2 yrs Course (Intake: 2 students annually)

Post Doctoral

PhD : 3 yrs Course (Intake: 2 students annually)

Services Offered

  • General Anaesthesia
  • Spinal Anaesthesia
  • Epidural Anaesthesia
  • Combined spinal and epidural anaesthesia
  • Regional blocks
  • Local / Field blocks
  • Monitored anesthesia care
  • Narco analysis Anesthesia for ECT Super specialties
  • Neuro Surgery
  • Pediatric Surgery
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Onco surgery
  • Urological surgery
  • Endo scopic Procedures
  • Oro Maxillofacial surgery
  • Thoracic surgery
  • Joint replacement surgery
  • Spine surgery
  • Pre operative resuscitation/ preparation
  • Trauma
  • Post operative care inclusive ventilatory support
  • CPCR, Cardio- Pulmonary cerebral resuscitation
  • Pre Anesthesia OPD
  • Pain Clinic
  • SICU

Anesthesia OPD and Pain Clinic   Surgical Icu
Anesthesia OPD and Pain Clinic   Surgical Icu


Operation Theatre Complex

  • 12 well equipped operation theatres
  • 10 bedded Pre-operative room
  • 20 bedded Post-operative Recovery room
  • Separate changing rooms for male doctors, female Doctors, faculty nursing and paramedical personnel


  • Separate duty rooms for male, female and faculty doctors
  • CSSD
  • Sluice room
  • 2 store rooms
  • 1 OT Pharmacy

Operation Theatre   Operation Theatre
Operation Theatre   Operation Theatre
Preoperative  Room   Recovery Room
Preoperative Room   Recovery Room
UG-Class Room  
UG-Class Room  

Facilities Available

Operation Theatre   Operation Theatre
Museum   Library (137 books)

Teaching Programme

  1. Undergraduate
    • MBBS : Clinical teaching and Demonstration-8th semester, Lectures -9th semester students
  2. Post graduate
    • Problem based case presentation (once in a month)
    • Seminars (once in a week)
    • Tutorials (once in a week)
    • Case presentation (once in a week)
    • Journal Club (twice in a month)
    • Microteaching (month of last Tuesday)
    • Actual Anesthesia management and training in Operation theatre in the form of “hands on” training on daily basis
  3. Post Doctoral
    • PhD : 3 yrs Course (Intake: 2 students Annually)

UG Teaching Activities

8th Semester

10 clinics are held in which the students are taught important topics related to anesthesia, drugs and equipments.

As the cases are being carried out inside the OT, the students are given a clinical case demonstration after their clinic.

Day to day log books are maintained according to the cases observed.

At the end of the clinical term, a term end exam is conducted, and the marks are submitted to the dean’s office.

9th Semester

11 teaching lectures are held on various anesthetic procedures, drugs and equipments.

Elaborative teaching and demonstration on CPCR (BLS + ACLS + ATLS)

PG Teaching Activities

  • Lectures (weekly)
  • Seminars (weekly)
  • Tutorials (weekly)
  • Case discussions
  • Journal Club (weekly)
  • Actual Anesthesia management and training in Operation theatre in the form of hands on training on daily basis

Clinics Conducted by Department

Once in week

Wall Magazine

  1. Case of Pyothorax for right Pneumonectomy
  2. A case Cystic Hygroma
  3. Case of post MI for Perforative Peritonitis
  4. Public Awareness Exhibition ISACON 2012 held at INDORE
  5. Public Awareness Exhibition MISACON 2012 held at Kolhapur
  6. Public Awareness Week 16th to 23rd October 2012
  7. Workshop on Difficult Intubation 15th September 2012
  8. Association of Obstetric Anesthesiologist, 2012 Delhi
  9. Obesity & Anaesthesia 2012
  10. CRITICARE 2012 held at Pune


Sr. No. Mentor Name Student Name
1 Dr. Mrs. W. S. Thatte
  1. Dhamane Sanket Pramod
  2. Drishti Jain
  3. Gaurav Choudhry
  4. Gosavi Swapnil Shevagir
2 Dr. P. M. Velankar
  1. Sddi Raveendran
  2. Sinha Vishakha Vinay
  3. surendra Prasad Sah
3 Dr. (Col) VRR Chari
  1. Jakhotta Rohit Ramratan
  2. Kodak Suraj Avinash
  3. Mohit Kumar Gerce
4 Dr. Ms. Mary Samuel
  1. Patel Dip Jayeshkumar
  2. Pradeep Malik
  3. Rituraj Neog
5 Dr. Mrs. Smita Joshi
  1. Suyash Kumar
  2. Vainsh Ekta Prabhat Singh
  3. Vrinda Shekhawat
6 Dr. Mrs. C. M. Suryawanshi
  1. Saguna Pandit
  2. Sazi Mahamonadakram A.
  3. Shweta Yadav
7 Dr. Dhananjay Ambike
  1. Arjun Singh Rathore
  2. Brahambhatt Gaurav
  3. Abhijit Sankla
8 Dr. Mrs. Manisha Sapate
  1. Nagendra Yadav
  2. Ninawe Komal Surendra
  3. Nutan
9 Dr. Bhavini Shah
  1. Ranpara Chintan Kishorkumar
  2. Shinde Swapnil Baliram
  3. Timsy Wanchoo


  1. Dr. Mahesh Kashyap – Fortis Hospital, Faridabad
  2. Dr. Chetan Kumar- Fortis Hospital, Faridabad
  3. Dr. Manisha Sapate – Dr. D.Y. Patil Medical College
  4. Dr. Piyush Setu – Apollo Hospital, Delhi
  5. Dr. Manish Raj- Fellowship in Pen, Mumbai
  6. Dr. Chandan Datta – ESI, Delhi
  7. Dr. Vaibhav Anand- US
  8. Dr. Neha Ghule-Sinhagad Medical College, Navale
  9. Dr. Vikas Singh- Dr. D. Y. Patil, Hospital Pimpri
  10. Dr. Piyush Sengar - Dr. D. Y. Patil, Hospital Pimpri
  11. Dr. Mohd. Irfan khan –Fellowship in Paediatric & OBGYAnaesthesia in Hyderabad
  12. Dr. Navid Wani- Sardarjung hospital, Delhi

Co-curricular Activities (Faculty, Students & others (1st January 2012 to 31st May 2013)

1. 1) Clinical meeting by department of Anesthesiology, Dr. D. Y. Patil Medical College, Pimpri, Pune-18 in February 2012 in collaboration with ISA Pimpri Chinchwad Branch

Topic:Obesity & Anesthesia
Guest Speaker:Dr. Milind Belsare
Speaker :1) Dr. Rajan Kumar –Case presentation
2) Dr. Alka Goyal – Case presentation

2. Clinical meeting by ISA – Pimpri Chinchwad Branch in collaboration with Department of Anesthesiology, Dr. D. Y. Patil Medical College, Pimpri, Pune-18 Date – 14th April 2012, Noorie Hospital, opp. Aditya Birla Hospital.

Guest Speaker:Dr. Hitendra Mahajan
Speaker :1) Dr. Nikhil Yadav-Case Series
2) Dr. Anuja Goyal- Case Series

3. Workshop by Department of Anesthesiology, Dr. D. Y. Patil Medical College, Pimpri, Pune-18 in 15th September 2012 in collaboration with ISA Pimpri Chinchwad Branch

Topic:Difficult Airway Intubation
Coordinator: Dr. W. S. Thatte
Speaker :1) Dr. Manisha Sapate
2) Dr. Bhavini Shah

Posters by Department of Anesthesiology, Dr. D. Y. Patil Medical College, Pimpri, Pune-18 in 16th October 2012 to 23rd October 2012 in collaboration with ISA Pimpri Chinchwad Branch.

Topic:“Public Awareness Exhibition” about Anaesthesia
Prepared & presentated by: Dr. W. S. Thatte

Extra-curricular Activities (Faculty, Students & others) (1st January 2012 to 31st May 2013)

1) Dr. Alister Fernandes- Won the first prize in BAND competition held at Armed Forces Medical College.
Captain of Dr. D.Y.Patil Medical College Football team

2) Dr. Arun George- Represented Dr. D.Y.Patil Medical College Football Team

Major equipments/instruments

Anesthesia OPD and Pain Clinic   Surgical Icu
Anesthesia work station – DRAGER – Fabius Plus   Advanced monitoring euipments
Anesthesia OPD and Pain Clinic   Surgical Icu
Ventilators   Syringe pumps
Anesthesia OPD and Pain Clinic  
Equipments for Spinal, Epidural, Blocks and central line  

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