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Department of Paediatrics

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  1. Academic vision
    • Updating the UG & PG curricula.
    • New modes of assessment of studentS.
    • Incorporating newer technologies in Medical Education.

  2. Technological vision
    1. Incorporating newer technologies & telemedicine for later patient management.
    2. Incorporating information, communication & technology tools in Medical Education.
    3. To have state of the art facilities in Pediatric Cardiology, Nephrology, Endocrinology, Hemato-oncology, Metabolic & Genetic diseaseS.
    4. Distance learning courses in adolescent medicine.
    5. Practical course in paediatrics for general practitoners


  1. To produce worthy doctors & paediatricianS.
  2. To promote & to start Fellowships in Neonatology, Pediatric Cardiology, Adolescence Medicine, Pulmonology, Nephrology, Pediatric Intensive Care Oncotherapy, Organ Transplant.
  3. Increase the research activities and clinical trialS.
  4. Expand the tertiary care serviceS.
  5. To incorporate newer teaching /learning methodologieS.
  6. Genetic Engineering and Stem Cell Research.
  7. To establish cell for Emergency Medical Services and Disaster Management.
  8. To provide better health serviceS.
  9. To start helpline for suicide prevention in adolescentS.

Courses offered

  1. MBBS
  3. DCH
  4. Advanced certificate in maternal and child health (Distance learning course)
  5. A extended contribution by the Department to other courses
    1. BSc. Nursing
    2. MSc. Nursing
    3. BPT
    4. BDS/MDS

Services offered

Dr.  Karwa Dr. Agarkhedkar

OPD Services

Morning:09:00 am to 01:00 pm
Afternoon: 02:00 pm to 04:00 pm
Saturday: 09:00 am to 01:00 pm
Public holiday:09:00 am to 01:00 pm

(Time: 9 am - 1 pm, 2 pm - 4 pm)
I Dr. S. R. Agarkhedkar(Prof. & HOD)
Dr. Sampada Tambolkar (Asso. Prof.)
Dr. A. D. Mishra (Asso. Prof.)
Dr. Sudhir Malwade (Lecturer)(NICU)
Dr. Shradha Salunkhe (Lecturer)
Dr. Sandeep Kawade (S.R.)
Dr. Gauri Kadam(S.R.)
Dr. Vijay Bade(S.R.)
Residents – 5
Tuesday/ Friday
(Time: 9 am - 1 pm 2 pm - 4 pm)
IIDr. G. R. Karambelkar (Prof.)(Hou)
Dr. Sanjay Chavan (Prof.)
Dr. Shailaja Mane. (Asso. Prof.)
Dr. Shiji (Lecturer)
Dr. Shankar Gore (S.R.)
Dr. Kashmiri Bhoyar (S.R.)
Residents – 5
(Time: 9am - 1pm 2pm -4pm)
IIIDr. Vineeta Pande (Prof.) (Hou)
Dr. N. S. Deshpande (Prof.)
Dr. Renuka Jadhav (Asso. Prof.)
Dr. Manoj Patil (Lecturer)(PICU)
Dr. Bhagyashree Deokar (S.R.)
Dr. Ajitsingh Sharadsingh Bais (S.R.)
Residents – 5
(Time: 9am - 1pm)
IVDr. D. S. Karwa (Prof) (Hou)
Dr. Pramod Jog (Prof.)
Dr. Manish Ramteke.( Lecturer)
Dr. Dipti Shinde- Jadhav (Lecturer)
Dr. Chetan Chaudhary (S.R.)
Dr. Pravin Babhalgaokar (S.R.)
Dr. Amol Anndate (S.R.)
Residents – 5

Services offered in OPD Services

Routine check up in the OPD

Routine check up in the OPD

Play room therapy

Play room therapy

  1. Routine checkup
  2. Nutrition screening
  3. Dental checkups
  4. IQ/DQ testing
  5. Nebulisation
  6. Physiotherapy
  7. Psychological counselling
  8. Vitamin A prophylaxis
  9. De-worming supplementation
  10. Iron, Calcium, multivitamin supplementation
  11. ORS Counter
  12. Immunisation
  13. Playroom therapy

In-patient services

NICU : 10 beded

Incubator care

Incubator care

Transport incubator

Transport Incubator

Servo controlled warmers with phototherapy

Servo controlled warmers
with phototherapy

  • Air conditioned
  • Servo controlled warmer care
  • Incubator care
  • Ventillatory care – Dragger
  • Bubble CPAP facility
  • Nasal CPAP facility
  • Multifunction monitor
  • Pulse oximeter
  • Double and single surface phototherapy
  • Central oxygen, suction
  • Air sterilizer
  • Clean and septic nursery
  • Breast feeding room
  • Syringe infusion pump
  • Drip infusion pump
  • 24 hour lab,x-ray, sonography, CT scan, MRI, EEG backup
  • Digital weighing machine
  • Echo by paediatric cardiologist
  • ROP Screening
  • Facility of neonatal surgeries like diaphragmatic hernia, pyloric stenosis, shunt surgery for hydrocephalus etc.
  • Kangaroo mother care
  • ABG Facility
  • Special procedures like surfactant therapy, lumbar puncture, liver biopsy, exchange transfusion, intubation and ventilation, etc.
  • Transport incubator facility

PICU : 8 beded

Ventilator Facility in PICU


Bone marrow biopsy procedure in PICU

Bone Marrow Biopsy procedure in PICU

  • Air conditioned
  • Servo i ventilator
  • Oxygen & suction central supply
  • Multipara moniter
  • Digital BP manometer
  • Pulse oxymeter
  • Syring pump / Infusion Pump
  • Digital weighing machine
  • Portable x-ray, sonography, M.R.I. C.T. facilities
  • Defibrillator
  • Echocardiography
  • ABG facility
  • Post operative surgical care(Peritoneal dialysis, CAPD )
  • On call consultation facility with pioneers in fields
    1. Dr. H. Parmesh : Pulmonologist
    2. Dr. S. Nirale : Neurophysician
    3. Dr. Siddharth Gadage : Paed.Cardiologist
    4. Dr. U. Phalke : Neurosurgeon
    5. Dr. Devaskar : UCLA (USA)
    6. Dr. Manoj Matnani : Paed.Nephrologist
    7. Dr. Sudhir Malwade : Neonatologist
    8. Dr. Manoj Patil : Paed. Intensivist
    9. Dr. Vishnu Biradar : Paed. Gastroenterologist
    10. Dr. Praveen Narwadkar : Retina Specialist
    11. Dr. Sunil Lohade : Haemophilia Specialist
    12. Dr. Sameer Melinkeri : Hematologist
    13. MrS. Geeta Nikam : Child Psychologist
  • Paedriatic endoscopy
  • Peritoneal Dialysis
  • Special procedures like liver biopsy, bone marrow aspiration and biopsy, kidney biopsy etc.


ward1 ward2

  • 170 Beds available
  • Oxygen & Suction Central
  • Nebulizer facility
  • Multipara monitor
  • Pulse oximeter
  • 24hrs x – ray, lab, USG, facility
  • 24hrs CT scan, M.R.I. facility
  • Echo by Paediatric Cardiologist
  • Paediatric surgery facility
  • EEG facility available
  • All national health programmers for paediatric population carried out. For example:- PPTCT,RNTCP,BPNI,VIT,A PROPHYLAX, supplementary nutrition programme, school health surveys etc.
  • Vitamin A prophylaxis
  • De-worming supplementation
  • Iron, Calcium, multivitamin supplementation
  • Special procedures:- pleural tapping, peritoneal tapping, lumbar puncture, dressing, incision and drainage, bladder catherization, iv cannulation etc.
  • Playroom facility
    Patients enjoying playroom facility

    Patients enjoying playroom facility

  • Facility of balanced diet free of cost under the supervision of dietician.

PNC Ward

PNC Ward

  • Exclusive breast feeding with rooming in
  • Baby friendly hospital initiative (The only in the district)
  • PPTCT programme
  • Kangaroo care
  • All immunization including optional and newer vaccines
  • Balanced diet for mother free cost.
  • ROP Screening

Outreach activities

  • Urban Health Center Bhosari
  • Rural Health Center Alandi
  • Anganwadi (ICDS) 16 OPDs
  • School Health Check up in PCMC Area and PMC area
  • Visit to slums in PCMC and PMC area
  • Medical care to children with AKANKSHA FOUNDATION and DOORSTEP SCHOOL
  • Special clinics by faculty members in anganwadi’s of PCMC area under Public Private Partnership programme with PCMC Corporation

Other services / Speciality Clinics

Specialized OPD’s (Timings : 10:00 to 1 : 00pm) Day OPD Consultant Incharge
1. Monday Immunization/well baby clinic Dr. Shiji Chalipat
2. Tuesday Paediatric Pulmonology Dr. Vineeta Pande
3. Wednesday Paediatric Cardiology Dr. Usha Pratap(Peaditric cardiologist)/ Dr S. Tambolkar
4. Thursday Paediatric Nephrology Dr. Manoj Matnani
5. Friday Adolescent Clinic (2-4 pm) Dr. Shailaja Mane
6. Friday Paediatric Neurology Dr. Nirhale/ Dr. Dipti shinde-Jadhav
7. Tuesday Paed. Gastroenterology Dr. Vishnu Biradar/ Dr. Manish Ramteke
8. Wednesday Nutritional Rehabilitation Dr. Renuka Jadhav/ Dr. Shradha Salunkhe
9. Thursday High Risk OPD Dr. Sudhir Malwade and Dr. G. R. Karambelkar

Immunization OPD

Immunization OPD

Clinical Trial Room

Clinical Trial Room



Neonatal Ventilator
Neonatal Ventilator
Bubble CPAP
Bubble CPAP
Resuscitation tray
Resuscitation Tray
Radiant warmer
Radiant Warmer

  • Ventilator
  • Resuscitation trolly
  • Radiant heat warmer
  • Phototherapy units
  • Transport incubator
  • CPAP
  • Elec. Suction Machine
  • Room Heater
  • Laryngoscope With Blades Resucitation Kit With AMBU Bag
  • Infantometer
  • Wt Machine


  • Laryngoscope
  • Pediatrics – 1
  • Infant – 1
  • Infusion Pump
  • ECG Machine
  • Defebrillator
  • Central O2 Set

Department of Pediatrics

  • Computer
  • Printer
  • Deep Freezer
  • Digital Weighing Scale (OPD)
  • Freezer vaccine (OPD)
  • Voltage Stabilizer
  • Pulse Oximeter with ware & ‘Y’ probe
  • Laptop
  • LCD Projector


  • Elec. Wt. Machine
  • Nebuliser
  • Incubator
  • Suction machine
  • BP Apparatus
  • Infantometer
  • Crush Trolley
  • Hemoglobinometer
  • Rescuscitation Trolley
  • Xray View Box


Departmental  library

Departmental library

UG Tutorial

UG Tutorial



UG PG Teaching programme with AV Aids

UG PG Teaching programme with AV Aids

Postgraduate Teaching Schedule- April 2012

Integrated Teaching Integrated Teaching

Participation in Integrated Teaching

  • CME for PG Student 31/03/2011 to 03/04/2012
  • NALS Workshop on 01/05/2011, attended by 11 residents at AFMC, Pune.
  • Radiology CME on 28/08/2011, attended by all JRS at D.Y.Patil Auditorium.
  • Health Check up of Dr. D.Y. Patil School Indrayaninagar.

Wall magazine

  • Jobs syndrome – (Dr. Bajarang.)
  • Rickets by Dr. Sahil and Dr. Supriya
  • Pneumonia by Dr. Gopal
  • Nephrotic Syndrome by Dr. Prashant
  • Measles by Dr. Siddharth
  • Review of topics of dissertation of junior resident on
  • Iatrogenic Tracheoesophageal fistula – Dr. Himanshi
  • Dr. Sneha : Recent adv in cystic fibrosis
  • Haurence Moon Birdet Bidce : Dr. Shruti Maitri


Mentorship program for UGs promotes feeling of security & confidence & reduction of stress in students who come from various parts country with diverse backgroundS.
Teachers Counslor for the students of Final Year (8th & 9th Semester) Academic Year 2011-2012

Sr. No Teacher Mentor Name Students Name Semester Adm. Year
1 1 Dr. S. R. Agarkhedkar Vishal Kumar Kandhway 9th Sem 2007
2 Arun Kumar Fanan 8th Semester 2008
3 2 Dr. G. R. Karambelkar Khoja Qurrat UI Aein Nasirali 8th Semester 2008
4 Bardi Umair Jalil 8th Semester 2008
5 3 Dr. Pramod Jog Sayan Das 8th Semester 2008
6 Vegad Neha Narendra 8th Semester 2008
7 4 Dr. N. S. Deshpande Sourabh Pradhan 8th Semester 2008
8 Piyush Kumar 8th Semester 2008
9 5 Dr. Vineeta Pande Ashish Mittal 8th Semester 2008
10 Sharma Abhishek Ashok 8th Semester 2008
11 6 Dr. Sanjay Chavan Jyoti Dahiya 8th Semester 2008
12 Shristi 8th Semester 2008
13 7 Dr. D. S. Karwa Vidhi Singh 8th Semester 2008
14 Choudhary Parvin Sayad hussain 8th Semester 2008
15 8 Dr. Deshpande S. V. Kewat Rohit Ramprasad 8th Semester 2008
16 9 Dr. Prabhakar Burute Manmohan Singh Rajput 8th Semester 2008
17 10 Dr. S. D. Mishra Pavny Chawla 8th Semester 2008
18 11 Dr. Renuka Jadhav Doshi Foram Narendra 8th Semester 2008
19 12 Dr. S. V. Mane Sayal Choudhary 8th Semester 2008
20 13 Dr. S. A. Tambolkar Deepika Srivasatva 8th Semester 2008
21 14 Dr. Shardha Salunkhe Himanshu Malik 8th Semester 2008
22 15 Dr. Vijay Dhobale Neha Bhatnagar 8th Semester 2008
23 16 Dr. Sudhir Malwade Nitin Madnani

Revised list of allotted student – 8th Semester 2012-2013

Sr. No Teacher Mentor Name Students Name Adm. Year
1 1 Dr. S. R. Agarkhedkar Vijeta Dahiya 2009
2 Vikash Singh 2009
3 Waghmare Monika 2009
4 2 Dr. G. R. Karambelkar Yogesh Yadav 2009
5 Anshuman 2008
6 Banerjee Suvam Soumitra 2008
7 4 Dr. Vineeta Pande Ekta Sharma 2008
8 Firoz Alam 2008
9 Ragini Gire Narendrabhai 2008
10 5 Dr. S. A. Tambolkar Harpreet Kaur 2008
11 Jadhav Tejaswini Chunilal 2008
12 Modi Marmik Vinodkumar 2008
13 Nighute saudamini S. 2008
14 6 Dr. S. V. Mane Pansuria Rahul C. 2008
15 Pathan Bilal Bashir 2008
16 Piush Ranjan Singh 2009
17 Aman Moodar 2009
18 7 Dr. Renuka Jadhav Bhakta Khushbuben 2009
19 Deval Doshi Amit 2009
20 Devanshi Sharma 2009

Alumni Placements

Name Post
Dr. Faizal Nahadi Paediatric intensinist Rainbow Hospital, Hyderabad
Dr. Ram Sharma Paediatric Cardiologist Narayani Hrudalaya, Bangalore
Dr. Sam Varghese Neonatologist MAZZA, Kerala
Dr. Ashish Khurana Practicing Paediatrician SIRSA, Haryana
Dr. Nikhil Burute Fellow in Neonatology West Mead Hospital, Sydney, Australia
Dr. Rohit Laxman Practicing Paediatrician Silvassa
Dr. Krunal Shah Paediatric Intensivist Wapi
Dr. Himanshu Tyagi Paediatric Cardiologist Jhodpur, Rajasthan
Dr. Jacob Fellow Hematologist CMC Vellore
Dr. Shyamali Abraham Consultant paediatrician Soudi Arabia
Dr. Prarthana Chandra Practicing Paediatrician Andheri, Mumbai
Dr. Allen Parera Practicing Paediatrician Malad, Mumbai
Dr. Mohit Poddar-+ Paediatric Intensivist Jaipur
Dr. Anubhav Gupta Practising Paediatrician and Neonatologist, Jalandhar
Dr. Priya Chouhan Practicing Paediatrician DDU hospital, delhi
Dr. Guru Prakash Practicing Paediatrician Bangalore.
Dr. Deepak Mittal Practicing Paediatrician Alwar, Rajasthan

Co-curricular Activities

1 “Assessment on progress of Breast Feeding Policies as per BPNI and IBFAN Based on knowledge Attitude and practices among Post natal mothers.” “World Breast Feeding conference” New Delhi 6th – 10th Dec 2012 Dr. Supriya Malik,
Dr. G. R. Karambelkar
Dr. Shailaja Mane,
Dr. S. R. Agarkhedar
2 Breast Feeding Pattern in BFHI Hospital “World Breast Feeding conference” New Delhi 6th – 10th Dec 2012 Dr. Vikas,
Dr. Vineeta Pande,
Dr. Renuka Jadhav,
Dr. Shiji Chalipat
Dr. S. R. Agarkhedar

Conferences attended by faculty/ PG Student

  • Nephrology – Urology is attended by all faculty members & PG student on 13th March 2011.
  • Global Trends in preterm Nutrition attended by PG studentS.
  • Dr. Neelam Deshpande participated Guest faculty for 17 sessions on Breast feeding promotion training baby friendly initiative during December 2010 to February 2011.
  • Neonatal Ventilation workshop on 8th, 9th, 10th April in Pune attended by Dr. Preeti, Dr. Siddharth, Dr. Rajiv, Dr. Neha
  • Inter Departmental clinical meeting by Department of Pediatrics on 29/4/11.
  • NALS Workshop on May 1st 2011, attended by 11 residents at AFMC, Pun4.
  • Guest Lecture on common bacterial skin infection given at Ahmadabad on 26/6/11.
  • Paper on Spectrum of Renal tubular disorders in children in Tertiary centre in Western India presented in Conference-Asian Congress of Pediatric Nephrologists, Fukuowka, Japan, June 2011 by Dr. Matanani
  • Health check up of 2000 student from HA school given necessary immunization & medications on 18/07/11 to 30/07/11 by all PG student.
  • Conducted health checkup of 70 children from Akanksha- for under privileged children.
  • Seminar on Formation & Circulation for CSF
  • Health Check up of D.Y.Patil school Indrayani Nagar on 01/08/11
  • Health Check up of anganwadi patients & D.Y.Patil school Indrayani Nagar
    1. Public – Private – Partnership
    2. For under 5 malnutrition and Neonatal care.
    3. 11/10/2011:- Dr. G. R. Karambelkar meeting by DMER, office Pune – How to tackle neonatal mortality.
    4. 12/10/2011:- Visit of USAID and team with Health India. Our Instructed was selected as a training Institute for Doctors and Nurses to reduce mortality
  • 22/10/2011:- Dr. Jog. Vaccinology update in Delhi
  • 11/11/2011- Preconference workshop on Allergic rhinitis and Allergy Testing of National Respicon, Dr D.Y. Patil Medical College.
  • 12/11/2011 to13/11/2011 RESPICON – NATIONAL CONFERENCE
  • MAHAPEDICON 2011 at Nashik on 2th, to 4th Dec attended by Dr. S. R.Agarkhedkar, Dr. D.S. Karwa, Dr. Shashank & Dr. Manu.
  • Dr. Shashank presented paper “The Relevance of 24hour prism III Score in predicting mortality of patient admitted in PICU” and was awarded second prize.
  • 03/01/2012 : Case Presentation - Nephrotic Syndrome Dr. Vatwani, Dr. Bhaskar.
  • 24/01/2012: Early screening of type II DM – Dr. Meryl
  • The faculty members who have registered for the conference are
    1. Dr. S. R.Agarkhedkar.
    2. Dr. G.R. Karambelkar
    3. Dr. D.S. Karwa.
    4. Dr. S. Tambolkar
    5. Dr. P.Jog

    Pedicon 2012: The following Posters and Papers were presented at the National Conference- held at Gurgaon, Haryana from 18th – 22nd Jan 2012.

  • 24th to 25th 12:“Haematology up date”. From Ruby Hall Clinic. – Dr. D.S. Karwa, Dr. S. Bhalke and Residents
  • Dr. P. Jog attended and won 1st Prize in International Vaccinology Course held in France.
  • Dr. Shashank presented Poster on “Hypohidrotic Ectodermal dysplasia with left sided Empyema .
    1. Dr. S. R.Agarkhedkar.
    2. Dr. G.R. Karambelkar
    3. Dr. D.S. Karwa.
    4. Dr. S. Tambolkar
    5. Dr. P.Jog
  • 11th to 12th Feb 2012: PEDIGEN. Attended by all faculty and “OSTEOPETROSIS” Poster by. Dr. Sahil won IInd Prize.
  • 26th Feb – Medicolegal Aspects of Pediatrics by IAP attendance by
  • Dr. Santosh Bhalke. and Residents
  • 4th to 17th Feb:- FNBC training was conducted for MO and nursing staff sent by Govt of Maharashtra.
  • 15th to19th Feb: BPICC Workshop attendance by :
    • Dr. S. R. Agarkhedkar.
    • Dr. S. Tambolkar
    • Dr. Suraj.
    • Dr. Meryl.
    • Dr. Aliya.
    • Dr. Nitin.
    • Dr. Bajarang.
    • Dr. Benno.
    • Dr. Sahil
    • Dr. Rajneesh
  • 25th Feb: IAP Pune conducted lecture on “ Pneumococcal Vaccine”
  • 16/03/2012: Live website of “Nutrition in LBW”. from Bangalore.

Extra-curricular Activities

  • Dr. Sharad Agarkhedkar participated actively in college quiz during Annual gathering.
  • Dr. Pramod Jog participated actively in college quiz during Annual gathering, and participated in singing a song during annual programme.
  • Dr. Shaillaja Mane has contributed actively in the Hostel Vigilence Committee. She has also gave an valuable contribution during convocation ceremony of Dr. D.Y.Patil University, as incharge of Gold Medals Distribution.
  • Dr. Sharad Agarkhedkar and Dr. D. S. Karwa gave an valuable contribution during convocation ceremony of Dr. D.Y.Patil University, as incharge of seating arrangement for VIP GuestS.

Major equipments/instruments

Neonatal Ventilator

Neonatal Ventilator

Transport Incubator

Transport Incubator

Resuscitation Tray

Resuscitation Tray

Radiant warmer

Radiant warmer

Bubble CPAP

Bubble CPAP

Other special feature

  1. Survey of one lakh twenty thousand school children from PCMC and PMC
  2. Malnutrition survey of seventy five thousand children from Anganwadi’S.
  3. Clinical trials
    • 30 clinical trials completed.
    • Department is WHO recognized centre for phase 3 clinical trials
  4. All Faculty members are ICHGCP trained
  5. PPP clinics PCMC area and MCH care
  6. Delegation from Government of Ethiopia visited our Institute to assess PPP program and appreciated work done and services offered to needy and poor.
  7. Adopted three talukas in neighboring area like Khed, Ambegaon, Mancher, Narayan gaon for care of children in Rural Pune District.
  8. All faculty members are trained in MEI, AACCI, Malnutrition Therapy, IMNCI, FIMNCI, FBNC, NBMC.
  9. gaon for care of children in Rural Pune District.
  10. Collaboration with Department of Health and Family welfare for observership Training of Medical Officer and staff nurses for Facility Based Newborn Care.

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