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Re-accredited by NAAC with a CGPA of
3.62 on a four point scale at 'A' Grade
Dr. D. Y. Patil Vidyapeeth, Pune
Dr. D. Y. Patil Medical College, Hospital & Research Centre
Pimpri, Pune 411018.


  • Museum :Well established State of the art Museum categorically displayed with various independent Sections of Bones & Skeleton, Weapons, Poisons (Toxicology Specimens), Forensic Photographs, X-rays, Histopathological Specimens, Wet Specimens, Fetuses, 30 Museum Catalogues having description of all specimens in museum, etc.
  • Departmental Library cum seminar room: Total 112 Books & 6 Journals.
  • Laboratory: Well-arranged Laboratory.
  • Four Demonstration Halls: With the facility of audio-visual aids.
  • Research Laboratory: Well maintained Laboratory.


Museum   Museum

Poisons (toxicology Specimens) & Wet Spcimens & Fetuses

Museum   Museum


Departmental Library

Departmental Library   Departmental Library

Medico-legal Photographs & Posters

Laboratory   Laboratory

Facilities available

1) Books, Journals, Audiovisual Aids

2) Medicolegal material and books

3) E-learning, various CD, Taching & learning process accordingly

4) Free medicolegal advise for doctors & lawyers

5) Wall magazine: 257