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Dr. D. Y. Patil Vidyapeeth, Pune
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Teaching Programme

Journal Clubs

Sr.No. Name of Journal
Year/Vol/Issue/Pg Nos
Title of Paper Presented by Guide Date
1 The New England journal of medicine 2016;375(24):2321-2334. Zika Virus infection in Pregnant Women in Rio de Janeiro Dr. Izna Dr. K.M. Angadi 12/1/2017
2 Journal of Clinical Microbiology 2016:54(12);3056-3061 A Rapid Immunoassay for Detection of Shiga Toxin-Producing Escherichia coli Directly from Human Fecal Samples and Its Performance in Detection of Toxin Subtypes Dr. Sopia Mukherjee Dr. N.R. Gandham 2/2/2017
3 Indian Journal of Medical Microbiology. vol 34,( 4):495 Oct-Dec. 2016 Does the presence of Klebsiella pneumoniae carbapenemase and New Delhi metallo-β-lactamase-1 genes in pathogens lead to fatal outcome? Dr. Prachi Bhide Dr. Savita Jadhav 16/03/17
4 Indian Journal of Medical Microbiology October-December 2016. Volume 34 | Issue 4 pg no 342-345 Trend of human brucellosis over a decade at tertiary care centre in North Karnataka Dr. IZNA Dr. N.R. Gandham 20/04/17
5 WOUNDS 2010;22(5):132-135 Current Microbiology of Surgical site infections associated with breast cancer surgery Dr. Prachi Dr. K.M. Angadi 11/5/2017
6 Journal of Clinical Microbiology 2016:54(12);3056-3061 Biofilm formation capability of enterococcal stains causing unary tract infection vis a vis colonization and correlation with enteroccal surface protein gene. Dr. Izna Dr. R.N. Misra 22/05/17
7 Indian J Med Microbio 2017:35(1);41-47 Screening of invasive fungal infections by a real –time panfungal (Pan- ACF) Polymerase chain reaction assay in patients with haematological malignancy Dr. Prachi Dr. S.V. Jadhav 15/06/17
8 Journal of clinical microbiology 2017;55(4):1032-1036 Evalution of Alere I RSV for Rapid detection of respiratory syncytial virus in children hospitalized with acute respiratory tract infection Dr. Prachi Dr. K.M. Angadi 6/7/2017
9 Indian Journal of Medical Microbiology 2016;34(3):299-302 Human leucocyte antigen class I and II alleles associated with anti-hepatitis C virus –positive patients of North India Dr. Izna Dr. N. R. Gandham 20/07/17
10 Journal of Clinical Microbiology. 2017;55(8)2334-2347 Molecular Diagnosis of Orthopedic- Device-Related Infection Directly from Sonication Fluid by Metagenomic Sequencing Dr. Sopia Mukherjee Dr. K. M. Angadi 18/08/17

Under Graduate Teaching Programme

1 Introduction DR. R.N.MISRA
2 Morphology-I DR.S.V.JADHAV
3 Morphology-II DR.S.V.JADHAV
4 Growth and nutrition DR.R.A. PATIL
5 Sterilization-I DR.M.T.UJGARE
6 Sterilization-II DR.M.T.UJGARE
7 Hand Hygiene DR.K.M.ANGADI
8 Genetics-I DR.N.S.GUPTA
9 Genetics-II DR.N.S.GUPTA
10 Host- parasite relationship-I DR.S.V.JADHAV
11 Host- parasite relationship-II DR.S.V.JADHAV
12 Antibiotic sensitivity and resistance DR.S.B.MIRZA
13 Introduction of immunology DR.D.P.PANDIT
14 Antigen DR.N.R.GANDHAM
15 Antibody DR.N.R.GANDHAM
16 Complements DR.K.M.ANGADI
17 Structure and function of Immune system-I DR.D.P.PANDIT
18 Structure and function of Immune system-II DR.D.P.PANDIT
19 Immune response-I DR. R.N.MISRA
20 Immune response-II DR. R.N.MISRA
21 Ag- Ab reaction-I DR.S.B.MIRZA
22 Ag- Ab reaction-II DR.S.B.MIRZA
23 Hypersensitivity DR.N.K.DAS
24 Autoimmune diseases DR.N.K.DAS
25 Immunodeficiency diseases DR. R.N.MISRA
26 Immunology of transplantation and malignancy DR.D.P.PANDIT
27 Staphylococci DR.C.R.VYAWAHARE
28 Streptococci DR.C.R.VYAWAHARE
29 Streptococcus Pneumonae DR.C.R.VYAWAHARE
30 Gram negative cocci DR.M.T.UJGARE
31 Enterobacteriacea-E.coli,Klebsiella, Proteus DR.S.V.JADHAV
32 Salmonella - I DR.N.K.DAS
33 Salmonella - II DR.N.K.DAS
34 Shigella DR.M.T.UJGARE
35 Vibrio DR.R.A. PATIL
36 Pseudomonas DR.S.B.MIRZA
37 Corynebacterium DR.N.S.GUPTA
38 Bacillus DR.M.T.UJGARE
39 Haemophilus influenzae DR.C.R.VYAWAHARE
40 Brucella DR.C.R.VYAWAHARE
41 Bordetella DR.S.B.MIRZA
42 Yersinia DR.N.S.GUPTA
43 Anaerobiasis and Clostridia-I DR.N.K.DAS
44 Clostridia-II DR.N.K.DAS
45 Mycobacteria-I DR.N.R.GANDHAM
46 Mycobacteria-II DR.N.R.GANDHAM
47 Mycobacterium leprae DR.N.R.GANDHAM
48 Non sporing anaerobes DR.S.B.MIRZA
49 Spirochaetes-I DR.D.P.PANDIT
50 Spirochaetes-II DR.D.P.PANDIT
51 Mycoplasma and Chlamydia DR.K.M.ANGADI
52 Rickettsiae-I DR.N.R.GANDHAM
53 Rickettsiae-II DR.N.R.GANDHAM
54 Miscellaneous bacteria DR.M.T.UJGARE
55 Mycology-I DR.S.V.JADHAV
56 Mycology-II DR.S.V.JADHAV
57 Mycology-III DR.S.V.JADHAV
58 General properties of viruses-I DR.D.P.PANDIT
59 Lab diagnosis of viral infection DR.R.A. PATIL
60 Bacteriophage DR.M.T.UJGARE
61 Herpes viruses -I DR.K.M.ANGADI
62 Herpes viruses -II DR.K.M.ANGADI
63 Pox and adenovirus DR.N.K.DAS
64 Picorna viruses DR.K.M.ANGADI
65 Orthomyxovirus DR.N.S.GUPTA
66 Paramyxovirus DR.N.S.GUPTA
67 Retroviruses-I DR. R.N.MISRA
68 Retroviruses-II DR. R.N.MISRA
69 Arbovirus-I DR.N.S.GUPTA
70 Arbovirus-II DR.N.S.GUPTA
71 Rhabdovirus DR.K.M.ANGADI
72 Hepatitis- I DR.R.A. PATIL
73 Hepatitis- II DR.R.A. PATIL
74 Oncogenic viruses DR.S.B.MIRZA
75 Miscellaneous viruses DR.M.T.UJGARE
77 Introduction and lab. Diagnosis DR.R.A. PATIL
78 Intestinal protozoa-I DR.N.K.DAS
79 Intestinal protozoa-II DR.N.K.DAS
80 Leishmaniasis DR.R.A. PATIL
81 Trypanosomes DR. R.N.MISRA
82 Malaria-I DR.K.M.ANGADI
83 Malaria-II DR.K.M.ANGADI
84 Cestodes-I DR.C.R.VYAWAHARE
86 Trematodes DR.M.T.UJGARE
87 Intestinal nematodes-I DR.N.S.GUPTA
88 Intestinal nematodes-II DR.N.S.GUPTA
89 Tissue Nematodes DR.R.A. PATIL
90 Cryptosporidium and Toxoplasma DR.D.P.PANDIT
91 Lab diagnosis of PUO DR.N.K.DAS
92 Lab diagnosis of meningitis DR.N.R.GANDHAM
93 Lab diagnosis of UTI DR.N.K.DAS
94 Lab diagnosis of STD DR. R.N.MISRA
95 Lab diagnosis of GIT infections DR.C.R.VYAWAHARE
96 Lab diagnosis of wound infection DR.D.P.PANDIT
97 Lab diagnosis of respiratory infection DR. R.N.MISRA
98 Lab diagnosis of food poisoning DR.R.A. PATIL
99 Microbiology of food, water and milk DR.S.B.MIRZA
100 Hospital acquired infections DR.N.R.GANDHAM


Sr. No Tutorials Teacher
1 General Microbiology – I Dr. N.K. Das
2 General Microbiology – II Dr. R.A. Patil
3 Immunology - I Dr. N.S. Gupta
4 Immunology - II Dr. D.P. Pandit
5 Gram Positive Cocci Dr. C.R. Vyawahare
6 Gram Negative Cocci Mr. M.T. Ujgare
7 Gram Positive Bacilli Dr. Shahzad Mirza
8 Gram Negative Bacilli- I Dr. N.K. Das
9 Gram Negative Bacilli- II Dr. R.A. Patil
10 Mycobacteriology Dr. N.R. Gandham
11 Mycology Dr. S.V. Jadhav
12 Virology - I Dr. R.N. Misra
13 Virology - II Dr. N.S. Gupta
14 Parasitology - I Dr. K.M. Angadi
15 Parasitology - II Dr. Shahzad Mirza


Sr. No Practical
1 Introduction
2 Microscopy
3 Morphology of Bacteria -I
4 Morphology of Bacteria -II
5 Common Methods of Sterilization
6 Growth Requirements of Bacteria Culture Media
7 Principles and Methods of Diagnostic Microbiology-I
8 Principles and Methods of Diagnostic Microbiology-II
9 Common Serological Reactions
10 Staphylococci
11 Streptococci & Streptococcus Pnemonae
12 Neisseria
13 Enterobacteriaceae-I
14 Enterobacteriaceae-II
15 Vibrio & Pseudomonas
16 Mycobacteria
17 Yersinia, Brucella, Haemophilus, Bordetella
18 Corynebacteria
19 Gram Positive bacilli
20 Spirochaetes
21 Mycology
22 Rickettsia and Viruses
23 Salmonella
24 Parasitology Introduction
25 Intestinal protozoa
Sr. No Practical
26 Heamoflagellates
27 Plasmodia
28 HIV
29 Helminthology: Phylum Platyhelminths-Cestodes
30 Phylum Platyhelminths -Trematodes
31 Intestinal nematodes
32 Tissue nematodes
33 Toxoplasma, Crytosporidium, Pneumocystis
34 Entomology
35 General Microbiology revision
36 Bacteriology, Virology & Mycology revision
37 Media/slide revision
38 Journal correction

Seminars : 2017

Sr. No. Topic Speaker Faculty I/c Date
1 ABST&MIC testing Dr. Prachi Bhide Dr. R. N. Misra 3/1/2017
2 Antifungal Drugs Dr. Shahzad Mirza Dr. Kalpana Angadi 19/01/17
3 Bacterial Taxonomy Dr. Prachi Bhide Dr. R.N. Misra 9/2/2017
4 Parasitic infection of CNS. Dr. Izna Dr. K. M. Angadi 09.03.17
5 Progression of dissertation Dr. Prachi Bhide Dr. D.P. Pandit 13/04/17
6 Progression of dissertation Dr. IZNA Dr. N.R. Gandham 13/04/17
7 Arthropods of Medical Importance Dr. Prachi Bhide Dr. R.N. Misra 27/04/17
8 Emerging Virual infection Dr. Sopia Mukherjee Dr. R.N. Misra 18/05/17
9 Biofilm Dr. IZNA Dr. K.M. Angadi 22/06/17
10 PUO Dr. Izna, Dr. C. R. Vyawahare 4/7/2017
11 Chlamydial infection Dr. Sopia Mukherjee Dr. N. R. Gandham 17/07/17
12 Opportunistic mycosis Dr. Prachi C. Bhide Dr. K. M. Angadi 27/07/17
13 QC in Microbiology laboratory Dr. Prachi C. Bhide Dr. R. N. Misra 7/9/2017
14 Taking care of laboratory animals Dr. Izna Dr. N. R. Gandham  14/09/17

Wall Magazines

Sr. No. Topic Source Prepared by Date
1 GM vaccine for malaria without side effects soon Times of India Dr. R.N. Misra 6/1/2017
2 There were great expectations from stem cell research. Here’s why it fell short Indian Exp Dr. N.R. Gandham 18/01/17
3 World’s first stable semi-synthetic organism, abacterium, created Times of India Dr. R.N. Misra 25/01/17
4 Most superbugs present in India: WHO The Times of India Dr. R.N. Misra 2/3/2017
5 Pollution reduces antibiotic effectiveness The Times of India Dr. N.R. Gandham 4/3/2017
6 Stool transplant offers hope to treat alcoholic hepatitis The Times of India Dr. R.N. Misra 28/03/17
7 An all-in- one injection to immunize children Times of India Dr. R.N. Misra 18/09/17
8 Personal genetic testing is here. Do we need it? Times of India Dr. R.N. Misra 4/10/2017
9 H1N1 virus transmission peaked twice: Report Times of India Dr. R.N. Misra 5/10/2017
10 Zika vaccine shows promise in early human trial: Report Times of India Dr. R.N. Misra 16/10/17
11 JE virus makes inroads into state’s virgin spots Times of India Dr. R.N. Misra 22/10/17
12 NIV finds new dengue virus of Asian genotype Times of India Mrs. Swarupa Hatolkar 1/11/2017

Mentorship II/III Bach 5th Semester-2017

Sr. No Mentor Name Roll No Student Name
1 Dr. R.N. Misra 661 Ruchi Kag
662 Rupal Agrahari
663 Ruparel Krishaben Kirankumar
664 S Deepthi
665 Sadhika
666 Safah Imtiaz Qazi
667 Sai Shruti
2 Dr. D.P. Pandit 668 Sakshi Gautam
669 Sakshi Singh
670 Salloni Garg
671 Sandeep Singh
672 Sanya Bahl
673 Saphalya Patinaik
674 Sasidharan O K
3 Dr. N.R. Gandham 675 Saswata Mitra
676 Sawapandeep Kaur Narang
677 Sejal Sethi
678 Shambhavi
679 Shashi Prabha Singh
680 Sheileza Kanghujam
681 Shelke Pranjali Sharadrao
4 Dr. K.M. Angadi 682 Shikha Khatter
683 Shinde Akshata Ramdas
684 Shiv Nitin Modi
685 Shivani Vijayraj Shinde
686 Shreya Aggarwal
687 Shreyaan Bhat
688 Shrishti Nagdeo
5 Dr. S.V. Jadhav 689 Shriya Sharma
690 Shruti
691 Shubham Kumar
692 Shubham Nagar
693 Shubhangi Singh
694 Shubhangini Sachdeva
695 Shubhi Prasad
6 Dr. M.T. Ujgare 696 Shubhra Kumari
697 Sihab Sajid Shaikh
698 Simran Chauhan
699 Smriti Rana
700 Snigdha N Mazumdar
701 Souvik Pobi
702 Sparshika Chhaperia
7 Dr. C.R. Vyawahare 703 Sripratibha
704 Srishti Gupta
705 Srishti Mohapatra
706 Srishti Yadav
707 Suhasini Wakhloo
708 Sukanya Singh
709 Sumit Raj
8 Dr. N.S.Gupta 710 Sumit Verma
711 Surbhi
712 Surya G
713 Taduri Alekhya
714 Tanya Pansari
715 Tavishi Koyarh
716 Tirumalareddy Sai Rohit Reddy
9 Dr. N.K.Das 717 Tushita Thapliyal
718 Twinkle Angom
719 Umang Narayan
720 Urja Banta
721 Urvashi Agarwal
722 Vaidya Anushka Anil
723 Varun Rajesh Brid
10 Dr. R.A. Patil 724 Vaishali Wadhwa
725 Vanshika Kapoor
726 Varsha Singh
727 Venkata S R K Chandavolu
728 Vidhisha Rathore
729 Viraj Misra
730 Vishawjeet

Alumni Placement- Microbiology

Name of the P. G. Student Year of passing Placement
Dr. Priya Dhumal Jun-07 Working as lecturer at Modern Dental College Indore. UNIV. GOLD MEDAL
Dr. S. A. Kazmi Dec-07 Working in Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi.
Dr. Amit Rangari Jun-08 Working as the lecturer in Dept. of Microbiology MISMR College, Latur.
Dr. Shital Kamble Jun-08 Working as the lecturer in Dept. of Microbiology B.J Medical College, Pune. UNIV. GOLD MEDAL
Dr. Shilpa Lagali Jun-09 Observer’s Post in automation & Newer diagnostics in Microbiology in Mumbai.
Dr. Pallavi Tatte Jun-09 Enrolled for DCP
Dr. Deepali Chavhan Jun-09 Attached to private Hospital
Dr. Manpreet kaur Jun-10 Working as the clinical microbiologist at Nigeria UNIV. GOLD MEDAL
Dr. Suruchi Sharma Jun-10 Working as a clinical microbiologist Ram Manohar Lohiya Hospital in Delhi.
Dr. Arnob Mandal Jun-10 Working as lecturer in Dept. of Microbiology Govt. College Calcutta.
Dr. Saikat Bawal Jun-11 Working as an infectious diseases specialist at the corporate hospital at Calcutta.
Dr. Neetu Gupta Jun-12 Working as an Asst. Professor, Dr. D. Y. Patil Medical College, Pimpri, Pune-18.
Dr. Ajay Kumar Jun-12 Consultant Medanta Medcity
Dr. Mukesh Sharma Jun-13 Working as Senior Resident, North Delhi Medical College, Delhi
Dr. Purbasha Ghosh Jun-13 Working as a Senior Resident, Govt. Medical College, Burdwan
Dr. Retina Paul Jun-14 Metropolis Lab, Kolkata
Dr. Indranath Roy Jun-14 Govt. Service – West Bengal
Dr. Moumita Sardar Jun-14 "Assistant Professor, Medical College Hi-Tech Medical College & Hospital Rourkela Odisha."
Dr. Nabamita Chaudhury Jun-15 Demonstrator, Burdwan Medical College, West Bengal
Dr. Shahzad Beg Mirza Jun-17 Working as an Asst. Professor Cum Manager Quality and Hospital Infection control, Dr. D. Y. Patil Medical College, Pimpri, Pune-18.