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Teaching Programme

Journal Club-2015-16

Sr.No Name of Journal Year / Vol / Issue / Pg Nos Title of Paper Presented by Guide Date
1 Indian J Med
2010 Oct-Dec;28(4):326-31
Diagnosis and follow-up of genital chlamydial infection by direct methods and by detection of serum IgG, IgA and secretory IgA. Dr. Nabamita Chaudhury Dr. N.R. Gandham 03/01/2015
2 J Med
2011 Jan;60(Pt 1):98-101.
emm typing, antibiotic resistance and PFGE analysis of Streptococcus pyogenes in Lebanon. Dr. Shahzad Mirza Dr. Kalpana Angadi 10/01/2015
3 Indian J Med
2013 Jul-Sep;31(3):270-4.
Study of the distribution of Malassezia species in patients with pityriasis versicolor and healthy individuals in Tertiary Care Hospital, Punjab. Dr. Nabamita Chaudhury Dr. N.R. Gandham 17/01/2015
4 Indian Journal of Medical
Anaerobes in noscominal and community acquired pleural infections Dr. Shahzad Mirza Dr. N.R. Gandham 24/01/2015
5 Indian Journal of Medical
Changing paradigm of Cryptococcal meningitis: An eight – year experience from a tertiary hospital in South India Dr. Shahzad Mirza Dr. Kalpana Angadi 07/03/2015
6 Indian Journal of Medical
Fasciolopsiasis: Endemic focus of a neglected parasitic disease in Bihar Dr. Shahzad Mirza Dr. N.R. Gandham 31/07/2015
7 Indian Journal of Medical
Chikungunya fever: A re-emerging viral infection Dr. Sopia Mukherjee Dr. K.M. Angadi 21/08/2015
8 Journal microbial
Immunol infect
Pediatric melioidosis in Pahang, Malaysia Dr. Shahzad Mirza Dr. K.M. Angadi 28/08/2015
9 Indian J Med
Superbugs causing ventilator associated pneumonia in a tertiary care hospital and the return of pre- antibiotic era! Dr. Sopia Mukherjee Dr. R.N. Misra 18/09/2015
10 Indian Journal of Medical
Salmonella Weltevreden food poisoning in a tea garden of Assam: An outbreak investigation Dr. Sopia Mukherjee Dr. R.N. Misra 01/01/2016
11 Indian Journal of Medical
comparative evaluation of two rapid Samonella – IgM tests and blood culture in the diagnosis of enteric fever Dr. Shahzad Mirza Dr. S.V. Jadhav 14/01/2016

Under Graduate Programme

Sr. No Topic Name of Teacher
1 Introduction RNM
2 Morphology-1 SVJ
3 Morphology-1 SVJ
4 Growth and nutrition MTU
5 Sterilization-1 MTU
6 Sterilization-2 MTU
7 Genetics-1 SVJ
8 Genetics-2 SVJ
9 Host- parasite relationship-1 SVJ
10 Host- parasite relationship-2 SVJ
11 Antibiotic sensitivity and resistance SVJ
12 Introduction of immunology DPP
13 Antigen NRG
14 Immunoglobulin’s NRG
15 Complement RNM
16 Structure and function of Immune system-1 RNM
17 Structure and function of Immune system-2 RNM
18 Immune response- I & II RNM
19 Ag- Ab reaction-1 NRG
20 Ag- Ab reaction-2 NRG
21 Hypersensitivity DPP
22 Autoimmune diseases RNM
23 Immunodeficiency diseases RNM
24 Immunology of transplantation and malignancy RNM
25 Staphylococci CRV
26 Streptococci MTU
27 Pneumococci CRV
28 Gram negative cocci MTU
29 Enterobacteriacea-E.coli, Klebsiella, Proteus DPP
30 Salmonella - I DPP
31 Salmonella - II DPP
32 Shigella MTU
33 Vibrio CRV
34 Pseudomonas SSC
35 Corynebacterium. Diphtheriae MTU
36 Bacillus CRV
37 Haemophilus influenzae SSC
38 Brucella SSC
39 Bordetella SSC
40 Yersinia SSC
41 Anaerobiasis and Clostridia-1 DPP
42 Clostridia-2 DPP
43 Mycobacteria-1 NRG
44 Mycobacteria-2 NRG
45 Mycobacterium leprae NRG
46 Non sporing anaerobes SSC
47 Spirochaetes-1 CRV
48 Spirochaetes-2 CRV
49 Mycoplasma and Chlamydia SSC
50 Rickettsiae NRG
Sr. No Topic Name of Teacher
51 Miscellaneous bacteria MTU
52 Mycology-1 SVJ
53 Mycology-2 SVJ
54 Mycology-3 SVJ
55 Mycology-4 SVJ
56 General properties of viruses-1 DPP
57 General properties of viruses-2 DPP
58 Lab diagnosis of viral infection (2nd sem) DPP
59 Bacteriophage SSC
60 Herpes NRG
61 Pox and adenovirus NRG
62 Picorna virus NRG
63 Orthomyxo virus DPP
64 Paramyxovirus DPP
65 Retroviruses-1 RNM
66 Retroviruses-2 RNM
67 Arbovirus DPP
68 Rhabdo virus DPP
69 Hepatitis- I DPP
70 Hepatitis- II DPP
71 Oncogenic viruses DPP
72 Miscellaneous viruses MTU
73 Introduction and lab. Diagnosis DPP
74 Intestinal protozoa-1 DPP
75 Intestinal protozoa-2 DPP
76 Leishmaniasis RNM
77 Trypanosomes RNM
78 Malaria-1 KMA
79 Malaria-2 KMA
80 Cestodes-1 CRV
81 Cestodes-2 CRV
82 Trematodes CRV
83 Intestinal nematodes-1 NRG
84 Intestinal nematodes-2 NRG
85 Tissue Nematodes-1 KMA
86 Tissue Nematodes-2 KMA
87 Cryptosporidium and Toxoplasma KMA
88 Lab diagnosis of PUO RNM
89 Lab diagnosis of meningitis RNM
90 Lab diagnosis of UTI SVJ
91 Lab diagnosis of STD RNM
92 Lab diagnosis of Gastroenteritis DPP
93 Lab diagnosis of wound infection DPP
94 Lab diagnosis of respiratory infection SSC
95 Lab diagnosis of food poisoning SSC
96 Microbiology of food, water and milk MTU
97 Hospital-acquired infections NRG

Sr. No Topic Name of Teacher
1 H. pylori RNM
2 Hospital waste management DPP
3 Hospital infection control programmed RNM


Sr. No Practical
1 Introduction Microscopy
2 Morphology Grams Stain
3 Morphology ZN stain
4 Sterilization
5 Culture Media
6 Diagnostic Methods
7 Ag-Ab Reactions
8 Staphylococci
9 Streptococci + Pneumococci
10 Neisseria
11 CD + Bacillus
12 E. coli + Proteus + Klebsiella
13 Salmonella + Shigella
14 VC + Pseudomonas
15 Spirochates
16 Gram negative coccobacilli
17 Mycobacteria
Sr. No Practical
18 Anaerobiosis + Clostridia
19 Non sporing anaerobes
20 Mycology
21 Mycobacteria
22 Virology + Rickettsia
23 Intestinal protozoa
24 Malaria
25 Cestodes
26 Trematodes
27 Intestinal nematodes
28 Tissue nematodes
29 Stool examination
30 Medical entomology
31 Revision.2N.
32 Slide revision
33 Media revision
34 Journal correction
35 Media/slide revision

Seminar 2015-16

Sr. No Date Topic Presented By Guide
1 02/01/2015 Mycotoxins Dr. Shahzad Mirza Dr. N.R. Gandham
2 09/01/2015 Accelerated identification of S. aureus from blood culture by a modified fluorescent in situ hybridization procedure Dr. Nambamita Chudhury Dr. R.N. Misra
3 16/01/2015 Sample processing Dr. Shahzad Mirza Dr. R.N. Misra
4 23/01/2015 Thesis- Results, non fermenters discussion Dr. Nambamita Chudhury Dr. D.P. Pandit
5 20/02/2015 Bacterial genetics Dr. Shahzad Mirza Dr. R.N. Misra
6 27/02/2015 Molecular methods in TB Diagnosis Mrs. Swarupa Hatolkar Dr. D.P. Pandit
7 13/03/2015 Molecular methods in Candida Mrs. Megha Pawar Dr. N.R. Gandham
8 20/03/2015 Community Acquired Pneumonia Dr. Shahzad Mirza Dr. Kalpana Angadi
9 27/03/2015 Phenotypic methods in speciation candida Mrs. Megha Pawar Dr. S.V. Jadhav
10 17/07/2015 Biomedical wastes Dr. Shahzad Mirza Dr. R.N. Misra
11 24/07/2015 Microscopy Dr. Sopia Mukherjee Dr. S.V. Jadhav
12 04/09/2015 Use of differential stains Dr. Sopia Mukherjee Dr. N.R. Gandham
13 11/09/2015 Emerging Bacterial infection Dr. Shahzad Mirza Dr. R.N. Misra
14 09/10/2015 Antibiotic susceptibility testing Dr. Sopia Mukhergee Dr. R.N. Misra
15 06/11/2015 Outbreak investigations Dr. Shazad Mirza Dr. Savita Jadhav
16 08/01/2016 Recent advances in sterilization Dr. Sopia Mukherjee Dr. K.M. Angadi
17 28/01/2016 Onychomycosis Dr. Shahzad Mirza Dr. N.R. Gandham

Wall Magazine File 2015-16

Sr. No Date Topic Name Details News Paper Name
1 12/05/2015 ICMR ICMR gears up to tackle rising cases of mite-borne infections Newspaper times of India
2 23/06/2015 Filariasis may be history by year-end Union Health Ministy Has Prepared A National Road Map To Stamp Out The Disease Newspaper times of India
3 02/07/2015 Fat lot of good: Fat lot of good: Scientists find a ‘sixth basic taste’ Indian Exp
4 01/09/2015 Dengue yo-yo: Why virus blows alternately hot,cold in Delhi Indian Express
5 25/09/2015 Medicine for drug Medicine for drug - resistant TB patients to benefit 800 in Maha The Times of India
6 06/10/2015 Nobel Prize in Physiology or medicine, 2015 Nobel Prize in Physiology or medicine, 2015 Slayers of Parasitic Diseases Indian Express
7 28/10/2015 5-in one vaccine rollout in Nov, 5-in one vaccine rollout in Nov, Immunisation for 20 lakh Babies in state hosps Times of India
8 04/11/2015 Rotavirus vaccine pilot trial in Pune Rotavirus vaccine pilot trial in Pune dist soon Times of India
9 29/11/2015 Drug-resistant bug causes worry Drug-resistant bug causes worry Times of India
10 28/01/2016 Zika reaches Europe: Visitors to S America test positive for virus The Times of India
11 28/01/2016 Zika Threat: Why pregnant women need to avoid s America The Times of India
12 29/01/2016 Zika How worried should you be about Zika? Indian Exp

Mentorship II/II Bach 4th Semester-2015

Sr. No Mentor Name Roll No Student Name
1 Dr. R.N. Misra 1 Miss Pramod Aastha Pramod
2 Aayush Ladha
3 Miss Aayushi Jain
4 Abhay Raj Chauhan
5 Miss Aditi Jhumb
6 Miss Aditi Sharma
2 Dr. D.P. Pandit 7 Aditya Lakhamsi Baldaniya
8 Adnan Saood Khan
9 Bhatmule Advait Prashant
10 Miss Adwita Narayan
12 Miss Aishwarya Batra
13 Miss Aishwarya Koul
14 Miss Aishwarya Mishra
3 Dr. N.R. Gandham 15 Miss Akanksha Kapil
16 Miss Akanksha Vatsa
17 Miss Akshita Sharma
18 Miss Alankrita
19 Miss Alemtula Aier
20 Alok Abhishek
21 Miss Ambika Pandit
4 Dr. K.M. Angadi 22 Miss Amodini Arora
23 Chavhan Anagh Ramsingh
24 Miss Anangsha Kumar
25 Miss Anantika Bhimsaria
26 Miss Ananya Garg
27 Miss Anju Fageria
28 Ankit Arora
5 Dr. S.V. Jadhav 29 Miss Ankita Chaudhary
30 Miss Ankita Sinha
31 Anubhav Saluja
32 Miss Anubhuti Day
33 Apoorva Anand
34 Miss Apurva Singh
35 Miss Arpita Mishra
6 Dr. S.S. Chavan 36 Arumilli Vamsidhar
37 Miss Arushi Bhardwaj
38 Ashish Kumar Pandey
39 Miss Asmi Chawla
40 Avanish Vaishnav
41 Siddiqui Mohammadayub M.
42 Miss Banala Bhavita Reddy
7 Dr. C.R. Vyawahare 43 Miss Barse Sayali Pravin
44 Bhandhari Nikhil Jitendra
45 Bipratip Mukherjee
46 Miss Biradar Ekta Anil
47 Miss Biswas Seema Rajkumar
48 Miss Bora Riddhi Ajay
49 Miss Chandrika Nayal
8 Dr. N.S. Gupta 50 Chaudhary Mayank Kanjibhai
51 Miss Chavvare Shriya Sanjay
52 Miss Chhavi Aggarwal
53 Dakhore Arjun Ganeshrao
54 Debashish Laikuram
55 Miss Deeksha Thakur
56 Miss Deeksha Tyagi

Alumni Placement

Name of the P. G. Student Year of passing Placement
Dr. Priya Dhumal June 2007 Working as lecturer at Modern Dental College Indore. UNIV. GOLD MEDAL
Dr. S. A. Kazmi Dec. 2007 Working in Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi.
Dr. Amit Rangari June 2008 Working as the lecturer in Dept. of Microbiology MISMR College, Latur.
Dr. Shital Kamble June 2008 Working as the lecturer in Dept. of Microbiology B.J Medical College, Pune. UNIV. GOLD MEDAL
Dr. Shilpa Lagali June 2009 Observer’s Post in automation & Newer diagnostics in Microbiology in Mumbai.
Dr. Pallavi Tatte June 2009 Enrolled for DCP
Dr. Deepali Chavhan June 2009 Attached to private Hospital
Dr. Manpreet kaur June 2010 Working as the clinical microbiologist at Nigeria UNIV. GOLD MEDAL
Dr. Suruchi Sharma June 2010 Working as a clinical microbiologist Ram Manohar Lohiya Hospital in Delhi.
Dr. Arnob Mandal June 2010 Working as lecturer in Dept. of Microbiology Govt. College Calcutta.
Dr. Saikat Bawal June 2011 Working as an infectious diseases specialist at the corporate hospital at Calcutta.
Dr. Neetu Gupta June 2012 Working as an Asst. Professor, Dr. D. Y. Patil Medical College, Pimpri, Pune-18.
Dr. Ajay Kumar June 2012 Consultant Medanta Medcity
Dr. Mukesh Sharma June 2013 Working as Senior Resident, North Delhi Medical College, Delhi
Dr. Purbasha Ghosh June 2013 Working as a Senior Resident, Govt. Medical College, Burdwan
Dr. Retina Paul June 2014 Metropolis Lab, Kolkata
Dr. Indranath Roy June 2014 Govt. Service – west Bengal
Dr. Moumita Sardar June 2014 Assistant Professor, Medical College
Hi-Tech Medical College & Hospital Rourkela Odisha.