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Re-accredited by NAAC with a CGPA of
3.62 on a four point scale at 'A' Grade
Dr. D. Y. Patil Vidyapeeth, Pune
Dr. D. Y. Patil Medical College, Hospital & Research Centre
Pimpri, Pune 411018.

Post Graduate Results

PG Diploma Examination - April/May 2014 Results

Sr.No.Name of Resident DoctorsSubjectMarks Out of 600% of MarksDivision Remarks
1 Dr. Navdeep SinglaDCH37562.50Pass1st Attempt
2 Dr. Shilpa MinhasDCH33455.67Pass1st Attempt
3 Dr. Patil Sayali PrakashDDVL31853.00Pass1st Attempt
4 Dr. Manasi K. VisanaDDVL33956.50Pass1st Attempt
5 Dr. Madalsa AgrawalDPM43372.17Pass1st Attempt
6 Dr. Dave Amitkumar JitubhaiDTCD34757.83Pass1st Attempt
7 Dr. Piyush YadavD'Ortho26744.50FailFail
8 Dr. Parth J. PatelD'Ortho33155.17Pass1st Attempt
9 Dr. Viral Bhagirath PatelD'Ortho327 54.50Pass1st Attempt
10Dr. Patel Kunal GovindbhaiDO38464.00Pass1st Attempt
11Dr. Shreya SaxenaDO34056.67Pass1st Attempt
12Dr. Kapil Ghanashyamdas DusejaDLO31552.50Pass1st Attempt
13Dr. Rakhee SinghDGO33455.67Pass1st Attempt
14Dr. Nakade Neha RavindraDGO34657.67Pass1st Attempt
15Dr. Gaurav MewaraDA31752.83Pass1st Attempt
16Dr. Savaliya Dhaval Kumar R.DA31652.67Pass1st Attempt
17Dr. Sudhare Kiran PralhadDMRD30550.83Pass1st Attempt
18Dr. Kamiya MoraniDMRD36861.33Pass1st Attempt
19Dr. Archana C. PandgeDPH36861.33Pass1st Attempt
20Dr. Jayant Ramchandra KalkuteDPH33756.17Pass1st Attempt

PG Degree Examination - April/May 2014 Results

Sr.No.Name of Resident DoctorsSubjectMarks Out of 800% of MarksDivision Remarks
1 Dr. Sukanya KumarMD-Medicine48861.00Pass1st Attempt
2 Dr. Dhakane Ajinkya BansidharMD-Medicine46758.38Pass1st Attempt
3 Dr. Tamakuwala Krunal Krishnakant MD-Medicine50763.38 Pass1st Attempt
4 Dr. Sahil BhagatMD-Medicine51764.63Pass1st Attempt
5 Dr. Barure Ramdas BharatMD-Medicine49361.63Pass1st Attempt
6 Dr. Swati Vijay DhobaleMD-Medicine49161.38Pass1st Attempt
7 Dr. Bachhav Gaurav DineshMD-Medicine45957.38Pass1st Attempt
8 Dr. Manade Vivek VilasMD-Medicine55168.88Pass1st Attempt
9 Dr. Anunay AgarwalMD-Medicine50863.50Pass1st Attempt
10 Dr. Patil Rahul Sunil MD-Medicine46357.88Pass1st Attempt
11 Dr. Garg Subodh Ajay MD-Medicine48961.13Pass1st Attempt
12 Dr. Patil Amol Shivanand MD-Medicine45056.25Pass1st Attempt
13 Dr. Patil Harshad YashwantMD-Medicine47459.25Pass1st Attempt
14 Dr. Rajani AgarwalMD-Medicine452 56.50Pass1st Attempt
15 Dr. Lohia Shraddha PurushottamMD-Paediatrics40951.13Pass1st Attempt
16 Dr. VikasMD-Paediatrics 41251.50Pass1st Attempt
17 Dr. Burute Neha NikhilMD-Paediatrics49662.00Pass1st Attempt
18 Dr. Supriya MalikMD-Paediatrics53466.75Pass1st Attempt
19 Dr. Rajneesh Sidhu MD-Paediatrics 48760.88Pass1st Attempt
20 Dr. Shurti MaitriMD-Paediatrics56270.25Pass1st Attempt
21 Dr. Patel Saurabh Shantilal MD-Paediatrics461 57.63Pass1st Attempt
22 Dr. Vishal JainMD-Paediatrics45456.75Pass1st Attempt
23 Dr. Bajrang Singh MD-Paediatrics48760.88Pass1st Attempt
24 Dr. Himanshi JoshiMD-Paediatrics47459.25Pass1st Attempt
25 Dr. Ayesha Imran MD-Paediatrics478 59.75Pass1st Attempt
26 Dr. Yelikar Nitin Avinash MD-Paediatrics55168.88Pass1st Attempt
27 Dr. Masuma Ali Husain MolviMD-Skin & VD 49261.50Pass 1st Attempt
28 Dr. Dinkar SadanaMD-Skin & VD45857.25Pass1st Attempt
29 Dr. Patil Subha Vasant MD-Skin & VD47359.13Pass1st Attempt
30 Dr. Ghadgepatil Shruti Sahebrao MD-Skin & VD47759.63Pass1st Attempt
31 Dr. Tabassum BehlimMD-Skin & VD48460.50Pass1st Attempt
32 Dr. Mangal Khushboo KamalMD-Skin & VD47158.88Pass1st Attempt
33 Dr. Jadhav Avinash BajiraoMD-Skin & VD41752.13Pass1st Attempt
34 Dr. Arpita Karmakar MD-Psychiatry51264.00Pass 1st Attempt
35 Dr. Vivek Goyal MD-Psychiatry46958.63Pass1st Attempt
36 Dr. Ambarish GhoshMD-Psychiatry43654.50Pass1st Attempt
37 Dr. Ankur Pathak MD-T.B. Chest40951.13Pass1st Attempt
38 Dr. Ashish Gupta MD-T.B. Chest50963.63Pass1st Attempt
39 Dr. Gadge Gauri Narendra MD-T.B. Chest48460.50Pass1st Attempt
40 Dr. Manan Singh MS-Surgery40650.75Pass1st Attempt
41 Dr. Rajat Sindwani MS-Surgery47759.63Pass1st Attempt
42 Dr. Neha Jindal MS-Surgery43053.75 Pass1st Attempt
43 Dr. Nilesh Sinha MS-Surgery41551.88Pass1st Attempt
44 Dr. Siddhartha Priyadarshi MS-Surgery40050.00Pass1st Attempt
45 Dr. Nagare Ketak Mahendra MS-Surgery42953.63Pass1st Attempt
46 Dr. Vishwanath Muppa MS-Surgery 43053.75Pass 1st Attempt
47 Dr. Mohit Bhatia MS-Surgery43354.13Pass1st Attempt
48 Dr. Patil Chandradip Santosh MS-Surgery40550.63Pass1st Attempt
49 Dr. Kaushal Choudhary MS-Surgery42953.63Pass1st Attempt
50 Dr. Aditya Ashok MS-Surgery43153.88Pass1st Attempt
51 Dr. Surendra Kumar Sharma MS-Surgery48460.50Pass1st Attempt
52 Dr. Aniruddha Arvind Kale MS-Surgery40050.00Pass1st Attempt
53 Dr. Yuvraj Arora MS-Ortho47659.50 Pass1st Attempt
54 Dr. Abhishek SachdevMS-Ortho50162.63Pass1st Attempt
55 Dr. Chikhalikar Pramod Prataprao MS-Ortho42352.88Pass1st Attempt
56 Dr. Sandeep Sharma MS-Ortho49461.75Pass1st Attempt
57 Dr. Harshit Metha MS-Ortho51964.88 Pass1st Attempt
58 Dr. Sandeep C. MS-Ortho57772.13Pass 1st Attempt
59 Dr. Rajani Deep Prakash MS-Ortho50663.25Pass 1st Attempt
60 Dr. Neha Rajappa MS-Ophthal49161.38Pass1st Attempt
61 Dr. Vashi Jagruti MahendrasinhMS-Ophthal48460.50Pass1st Attempt
62 Dr. Patel Khevna Kanubhai MS-Ophthal49361.63Pass1st Attempt
63 Dr. Patil Pallavi Pandurang MS-Ophthal52665.75Pass1st Attempt
64 Dr. Sunaina Chandna MS-Ophthal49361.63Pass1st Attempt
65 Dr. Megha Ramnik KotechaMS-Ophthal52265.25Pass1st Attempt
66 Dr. Anshuman Roy MS- ENT40250.25Pass3rd Attempt
67 Dr. Ingale Mayur Hemchandra MS- ENT52465.50Pass1st Attempt
68 Dr. Chavan Paresh ShahajiMS- ENT56070.00Pass 1st Attempt
69 Dr. Karuna Ratwani MS-OBGY41251.50Pass1st Attempt
70 Dr. Juhi Bhatti MS-OBGY42252.75Pass1st Attempt
71 Dr. Bhikane Devika BharatMS-OBGY46558.13Pass1st Attempt
72 Dr. Stuti Tyagi MS-OBGY41551.88Pass1st Attempt
73 Dr. Tulika Singh MS-OBGY40450.50Pass1st Attempt
74 Dr. Rituparna Das MS-OBGY41852.25Pass1st Attempt
75 Dr. Rajput Unnati GambhirsnmMS-OBGY40350.38Pass1st Attempt
76 Dr. Mittal Bilsi Suresh MS-OBGY 41351.63Pass1st Attempt
77 Dr. Parikh Kajal Pankaj MS-OBGY 48560.63Pass 1st Attempt
78 Dr. Rajan KumarMD-Anaesthesia465 58.13Pass1st Attempt
79 Dr. Adit Arora MD-Anaesthesia40550.63Pass1st Attempt
80 Dr. Arun Sebastian George MD-Anaesthesia473 59.13Pass1st Attempt
81 Dr. Bisswadeep Kumar Das MD-Anaesthesia42052.50Pass1st Attempt
82 Dr. Alka Goyal MD-Anaesthesia49061.25Pass1st Attempt
83 Dr. Abhijeet Kumar Singh MD-Anaesthesia450 56.25Pass1st Attempt
84 Dr. Preety Sahu MD-Anaesthesia463 57.88Pass1st Attempt
85 Dr. Shah Digish DeveshbhaiMD-Radiology526 65.75Pass3rd Attempt
86 Dr. Agrawal Pallavi Jagdish MD-Radiology569 71.13Pass1st Attempt
87 Dr. Inderpreet SinghMD-Radiology 44956.13Pass1st Attempt
88 Dr. Shinde Kunal Uday MD-Radiology47359.13 Pass1st Attempt
89 Dr. Abhinandan Chidanand Ruge MD-Radiology42853.50Pass1st Attempt
90 Dr. Shoubhi Bhatnagar MD-Radiology54367.88Pass1st Attempt
91 Dr. Patel Dineshkumar Kasturbhai MD-Anatomy56370.38Pass1st Attempt
92 Dr. Thorat Preeti BalasahebMD-Anatomy51964.88Pass1st Attempt
93 Dr. Smita SinghMD-Anatomy45657.00Pass1st Attempt
94 Dr. Sudipta Saha MD-Physiology51464.25Pass1st Attempt
95 Dr. Jostna Saini MD-Physiology51163.88Pass1st Attempt
96 Dr. Kiranmai V.MD-Physiology49662.00Pass1st Attempt
97 Dr. Saima MushtaqMD-Biochemistry51163.88Pass1st Attempt
98 Dr. Susmita Sahoo (Banerjee)MD-Biochemistry 50262.75Pass1st Attempt
99 Dr. Punita KalkalMD-Pathology45556.88Pass1st Attempt
100Dr. Chaudhari Urmi Sarang MD-Pathology46357.88Pass1st Attempt
101Dr. SushmahMD-Pathology45757.13Pass1st Attempt
102Dr. Mohit Rajpal MD-Pathology40951.13Pass1st Attempt
103Dr. Saurav Singh MD-Pathology40750.88Pass1st Attempt
104Dr. Pinky Soraisham MD-Pathology45957.38Pass1st Attempt
105Dr. Sonam Sood MD-Pathology51063.75Pass1st Attempt
106Dr. Anjali Verma MD-Pathology45857.25Pass1st Attempt
107Dr. Moumita Sardar MD-Microbiology44755.88Pass1st Attempt
108Dr. Retina Paul MD-Microbiology46257.75Pass1st Attempt
109Dr. Indranath Roy MD-Microbiology47459.25Pass1st Attempt
110Dr. Angana Datta MD-Pharmacology34843.50FailFail
111Dr. Rashmi Balkrishna RaiMD-Pharmacology36745.88FailFail
112Dr. Balkrishna Sadashivrao Lanjewar MD-PSM45757.13Pass1st Attempt