Post Graduate

The overall goal of training programme is to produce a competent public health specialist who can function as a leader of health team and is able to provide effective health care at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels.

The training includes the following

  • Case presentation & discussion : Once a week
  • Seminar : Once in a week
  • Journal club : Once in a week
  • Institutional clinical meeting : Once a Month
  • Thesis review : Once in 3 months
  • Pedagogy : one a month
  • Lab work( Public Health chemistry, Microbiology, Entomology) : once a week
  • Month end exam : Every month

Additional Post Graduate Teaching

  • PGs Attend & participate in the conference by scientific /association
  • Participation in National program eg. Polio surveillance/ immunization coverage(WHO external assessment)

They also organize and participate in multi diagnostic camps and surveys Residents are posted in specialties & various allied departments as per the following schedule

  • RHTC & UHTC : 1month at a time for 3 months each
  • Microbiology : 15 days
  • Medicine : 15 days
  • Pediatrics : 15 days
  • OBGY : 15 days
  • TB Chest : 15 days
  • Public health laboratory work : Once a week
  • Pedagogy : Once a week
  • Faculty Lectures /Group Discussion : 2 per Month

Visit to various public Health institute & Departments

Participation in Integrated Teaching

Integrated teaching is regularly conducted along with other departments on topics of common interest.

Wall Magazine

Sr. No. Topic
1 Smoking prohibited day
2 National Cancer Awareness Day
3 Anti Laperosy Week
4 Oral Health Day
5 Woman Health Day
6 International Women’s Day
7 World Anti TB Day
8 WHO Day
9 World No Tobacco Day
10 National Cancer Awareness Day
11 World AIDS Day
12 News India still home to quarter of global TB cases
13 News, Remedies for high blood pressure
14 Egg nuts and fish may help ward off dementia
15 Health benefits of figs
16 Workshop on leadership in health and development sectors
17Easy access to antibiotic fuelling resistance
18 Along with Stench, brace for disease dr. prognoses of garbage menace
19 New study reviles ignorance of sex health among students
20 Time to bring sex back on campus


The system is in place.