Department of Microbiology


Teaching Programme

Journal Clubs

Sr. Name of Journal Year/Vol/Issue/Pg Nos Title of Paper Presented by Guide Date
1 J Clin Microbiol. 2009 Apr;47(4):946-50. doi: 10.1128/JCM.01024-08. Epub 2009 Feb 25. Staphylococcus lugdunensis, a common cause of skin & soft tissue infection Dr.Izna Dr.N.R.Gandham 6/1/2018
2 J Clin Microbiol. 2009 May;47(5):1314-8. doi: 10.1128/JCM.00173-09. Epub 2009 Mar 25. Laboratory diagnosis of Amoebic keratitis: compassion of four diagnostic Methods for differant clinical specimens Dr.Sopia Dr.K.M .Angadi 20/01/18
3 Journal of clinical Microbiology 2018;56(1):1-5 Algorithm Contriving toxin immunoassay and stool culture for diagnosis of clostridium difficile infection Dr.Prachi Dr.S.V.Jadhav 10/2/2018
4 European Journal of Microbiology and Immunology 20017;2:133-137 Identification of medically relevant Nocardia species with an Abbreviated Battery of Tests Dr.Izna Dr.R.N.Misra 17/02/18
5 Indian J lepr 2017,89:139-150 Simultaneous and rapid differential diagnosis of Mycoplasma genitalium and Ureaplasmaurealyticum based on a polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism Dr.Prachi Dr.D.P.Pandit 3/3/2018
6 Journal of Clinical Microbiology 2016;8(3):9-12 Correlation of Treponemal Immunoassay signal strength Values with Reactivity of Confirmatory Treponemal Testing Dr. Izna Dr. N.R. Gandham 3/4/2018
7 Journal of Clinical Microbiology 2008;1(4):7-15 Evaluation of a chromogenic culture medium for the evaluation of C difficile within 24 hrs Dr.Prachi Dr.K.M .Angadi 21/04/18
8 Journal of Clinical Microbiology 2010;1(4):1-5 Extraction and detection of Mycobacterium leprae DNA from ZNCF stained skin smear slides for better identification of negative skin smears. Dr.Izna Dr.S.V.Jadhav 28/04/18
9 Journal of Clinical Microbiology 2018:56(4) Monitoring of Cytomegalovirus (CMV)-Specific Cell-Mediated Immunity in Heart Transplant Recipients: Clinical Utility of the QuantiFERON-CMV Assay for Management of Posttranplant CMV infection Dr. Izna Dr. N.R. Gandham 19/05/18

Under Graduate Teaching Programme

1 Introduction DR. R.N.MISRA
2 Morphology-I DR.S.V.JADHAV
3 Morphology-II DR.S.V.JADHAV
4 Growth and nutrition DR.R.A. PATIL
5 Sterilization-I DR. R.N.MISRA
6 Sterilization-II DR. R.N.MISRA
7 Hand Hygiene DR.K.M.ANGADI
8 Genetics-I DR.N.S.GUPTA
9 Genetics-II DR.N.S.GUPTA
10 Host- parasite relationship-I DR.S.V.JADHAV
11 Host- parasite relationship-II DR.S.V.JADHAV
12 Antibiotic sensitivity and resistance DR.S.B.MIRZA
1 Introduction of immunology DR.D.P.PANDIT
2 Antigen DR.N.R.GANDHAM
3 Antibody DR.N.R.GANDHAM
4 Complements DR.K.M.ANGADI
5 Structure and function of Immune system-I DR.D.P.PANDIT
6 Structure and function of Immune system-II DR.D.P.PANDIT
7 Immune response-I DR. R.N.MISRA
8 Immune response-II DR. R.N.MISRA
9 Ag- Ab reaction-I DR.S.B.MIRZA
10 Ag- Ab reaction-II DR.S.B.MIRZA
11 Hypersensitivity DR.N.K.DAS
12 Autoimmune diseases DR.N.K.DAS
13 Immunodeficiency diseases DR. R.N.MISRA
14 Immunology of transplantation and malignancy DR.D.P.PANDIT
1 Staphylococci DR.C.R.VYAWAHARE
2 Streptococci DR.C.R.VYAWAHARE
3 Streptococcus Pneumonae DR.C.R.VYAWAHARE
4 Gram negative cocci DR. D.P. PANDIT
5 Enterobacteriacea-E.coli,Klebsiella, Proteus DR.S.V.JADHAV
6 Salmonella - I DR.N.K.DAS
7 Salmonella - II DR.N.K.DAS
8 Shigella DR. N.R. GANDHAM
9 Vibrio DR.R.A. PATIL
10 Pseudomonas DR.S.B.MIRZA
11 Corynebacterium DR.N.S.GUPTA
12 Bacillus DR. K.M. ANGADI
13 Haemophilus influenzae DR.C.R.VYAWAHARE
14 Brucella DR.C.R.VYAWAHARE
15 Bordetella DR.S.B.MIRZA
16 Yersinia DR.N.S.GUPTA
17 Anaerobiasis and Clostridia-I DR.N.K.DAS
18 Clostridia-II DR.N.K.DAS
19 Mycobacteria-I DR.N.R.GANDHAM
20 Mycobacteria-II DR.N.R.GANDHAM
21 Mycobacterium leprae DR.N.R.GANDHAM
22 Non sporing anaerobes DR.S.B.MIRZA
23 Spirochaetes-I DR.D.P.PANDIT
24 Spirochaetes-II DR.D.P.PANDIT
25 Mycoplasma and Chlamydia DR.K.M.ANGADI
26 Rickettsiae-I DR.N.R.GANDHAM
27 Rickettsiae-II DR.N.R.GANDHAM
28 Miscellaneous bacteria DR. S.V. JADHAV
1 Mycology-I DR.S.V.JADHAV
2 Mycology-II DR.S.V.JADHAV
3 Mycology-III DR.S.V.JADHAV
1 General properties of viruses-I DR.D.P.PANDIT
2 Lab diagnosis of viral infection DR.R.A. PATIL
3 Bacteriophage DR.C.R.VYAWAHARE
4 Herpes viruses -I DR.K.M.ANGADI
5 Herpes viruses -II DR.K.M.ANGADI
6 Pox and adenovirus DR.N.K.DAS
7 Picorna viruses DR.K.M.ANGADI
8 Orthomyxovirus DR.N.S.GUPTA
9 Paramyxovirus DR.N.S.GUPTA
10 Retroviruses-I DR. R.N.MISRA
11 Retroviruses-II DR. R.N.MISRA
12 Arbovirus-I DR.N.S.GUPTA
13 Arbovirus-II DR.N.S.GUPTA
14 Rhabdovirus DR.K.M.ANGADI
15 Hepatitis- I DR.R.A. PATIL
16 Hepatitis- II DR.R.A. PATIL
17 Oncogenic viruses DR.S.B.MIRZA
18 Miscellaneous viruses DR.S.B.MIRZA
1 Introduction and lab. Diagnosis DR.R.A. PATIL
2 Intestinal protozoa-I DR.N.K.DAS
3 Intestinal protozoa-II DR.N.K.DAS
4 Leishmaniasis DR.R.A. PATIL
5 Trypanosomes DR. R.N.MISRA
6 Malaria-I DR.K.M.ANGADI
7 Malaria-II DR.K.M.ANGADI
10 Trematodes DR.N.K.DAS
11 Intestinal nematodes-I DR.N.S.GUPTA
12 Intestinal nematodes-II DR.N.S.GUPTA
13 Tissue Nematodes DR.R.A. PATIL
14 Cryptosporidium and Toxoplasma DR.D.P.PANDIT
1 Lab diagnosis of PUO DR.N.K.DAS
2 Lab diagnosis of meningitis DR.N.R.GANDHAM
3 Lab diagnosis of UTI DR.N.K.DAS
4 Lab diagnosis of STD DR. R.N.MISRA
5 Lab diagnosis of GIT infections DR.C.R.VYAWAHARE
6 Lab diagnosis of wound infection DR.D.P.PANDIT
7 Lab diagnosis of respiratory infection DR. R.N.MISRA
8 Lab diagnosis of food poisoning DR.R.A. PATIL
9 Microbiology of food, water and milk DR.S.B.MIRZA
10 Hospital acquired infections DR.N.R.GANDHAM


Sr. No Practical
1 Introduction
2 Microscopy
3 Morphology of Bacteria -I
4 Morphology of Bacteria -II
5 Common Methods of Sterilization
6 Growth Requirements of Bacteria Culture Media
7 Principles and Methods of Diagnostic Microbiology-I
8 Principles and Methods of Diagnostic Microbiology-II
9 Common Serological Reactions
10 Staphylococci
11 Streptococci & Streptococcus Pnemonae
12 Neisseria
13 Enterobacteriaceae-I
14 Enterobacteriaceae-II
15 Vibrio & Pseudomonas
16 Mycobacteria
17 Yersinia, Brucella, Haemophilus, Bordetella
18 Corynebacteria
19 Gram Positive bacilli
Sr. No Practical
20 Spirochaetes
21 Mycology
22 Rickettsia and Viruses
23 Salmonella
24 Parasitology Introduction
25 Intestinal protozoa
26 Heamoflagellates
27 Plasmodia
28 HIV
29 Helminthology: Phylum Platyhelminths-Cestodes
30 Phylum Platyhelminths -Trematodes
31 Intestinal nematodes
32 Tissue nematodes
33 Toxoplasma, Crytosporidium, Pneumocystis
34 Entomology
35 General Microbiology revision
36 Bacteriology, Virology & Mycology revision
37 Media/slide revision
38 Journal correction


Sr. No. Topic Speaker Faculty I/c Date
1 Bacterial vaccines/gentic vaccines/newer vaccines Dr.Sopia Dr.D.P.Pandit 4/1/2018
2 Uropathogenic E.coli Dr.Sopia Dr. S.V. Jadhav 11/1/2018
3 Role of animals in microbiology – Dr.Prachi Dr.S.V.Jadhav 18/01/18
4 Lymphocytes Subpopulation Dr.Prachi Dr.D.P.Pandit 25/01/18
5 Antibiotic Stewardship Dr.Izna Dr.R.N.Misra 1/2/2018
6 Myxotoxins Dr.Prachi Dr.N.R.Gandham 8/2/2018
7 Infections in Elderly Dr.Izna Dr.K.M .Angadi 15/02/18
8 CBNAAT,LAMP,and LiPA in diagnosis of TB and molecular basis of MDR Dr.Prachi Dr.S.V.Jadhav 8/3/2018
9 Bioterrorism Dr.Izna Dr.R.N.Misra 15/03/18
10 Macrophages Dr.Prachi Dr.D.P.Pandit 22/03/18
11 Blood parasites and their diagnosis Dr.Izna Dr.N.R.Gandham 5/4/2018
12 Biosafety safety programme in microbiology Dr.Prachi Dr.K.M .Angadi 12/4/2018
13 Invasive Aspergillosis Dr.Izna Dr.S.V.Jadhav 19/04/18
14 Antimicrobial susceptibility testing for fastidious organisms Dr.Prachi Dr.R.N.Misra 26/04/18
15 Invasive Aspergillosis Dr. Izna Dr.S.V Jadhav 3/5/2018
16 Antibiotic sensitivity testing of fastidious organisms Dr. Prachi Dr. R.N Misra 10/5/2018

Wall Magazines

Sr. No. Topic Source Prepared by Date
1 New NIV tech to inactivate deadly viruses at source Time of India Dr. R.N. Misra 2/2/2018
2 A game of chicken: how Indians poultry farms are spawning global superbugs The Hindu Dr. Shahzad Mirza 6/2/2018
3 2 new drugs in combo found to help sickest of TB patients The Times of India Dr. R.N. Misra 22/03/18
4 Why anti-asthma drug has its use in the fight against tuberculosis, too Indian express Dr. N.R. Gandham 27/03/18
5 Supercomputer Simulations Reveal New Achilles Heel in Dengue Virus University of California San Diego Dr. Shahzad Mirza 4/5/2018
6 Nipah Kills 3; Kerala, Centre take steps to tackle virus The times of India Dr. R.N. Misra 29/05/18
7 NIV scientists focus on checking more samples The times of India Dr. N.R. Gandham 30/05/18
8 Check on warming can prevent dengue cases The times of India Dr. N.R. Gandham 30/05/18
9 Polio virus new weapon in fight against cancer The times of India Dr. R.N. Misra 27/06/18

Mentorship II/III Bach 5th Semester-2017

Sr. No Mentor Name Roll No Name of the Students
1 Dr. R.N. Misra 160 Sarah Pinto
161 Saumya Agarwal
162 Shambhavi
163 Shubham Hissaria
164 Suraj Dinkar Barne
165 Tanya Sharma
166 Thorve Abhilasha Nitin
2 Dr. D.P. Pandit 167 Vandna Kumari
168 Rituka Jha
169 Aastha Sharma
170 Aditi Rajput
171 Aishwarya Vikas Walke
172 Amruta R. Patil
3 Dr. N.R. Gandham 173 Anusha Ladha
174 Archana Venugopal
175 Arviza Saleem
176 Ayushi Sharma
177 Bakare Bhavika Suresh
178 Bankar Janhavi Jaising
4 Dr. K.M.Angadi 179 Bansode Prajwalit Devidas
180 Baravkar Sayali Hanumant
181 Baswanti Aishwarya Veerbhadresh
182 Bhagwatkar Tanmay Arvind
183 Bhavya Dang
184 Bhosale Shivani Nandkumar
5 Dr. S.V. Jadhav 185 Chaitanya Singh
186 Choudhar Mansi Manoj
187 Dhere Sagar Ram
188 Dhruv Kumar Mathur
189 Diksha Gupta
190 Divyani Mahajan
6 Dr. N.K. Das / Dr. Shahzad Mirza 191 Durkar Sushant Shivaji
192 Ekta Desai
193 Gaike Sangram Sunil
194 Ghodke Sanyukta Sandeep
195 Giri Prajwal Prakash
7 Dr. Chanda Vyawahare 196 Halimani Ratna Mallinath
197 Isha Sandip Shah
198 Jain Niyati Dilip
199 Jain Tithi Suresh
200 Jhunjhunwal Ruchita Jujalkishor
8 Dr. Neetu Gupta 201 Kadam Ajinkya Rajendrakumar
202 Katariya Yash Deepak
203 Khadke Utkarsh Subhash
204 Khadse Arjun Prashant
205 Komal Chaudhary
9 Dr. N.K. Das 206 Krutanjali Mudgal
207 Kumari Satya
208 Kyatham Shishir Saraswathi Raj
209 Laddhad Vivek Santosh
210 Lalwani Danish
10 Dr. R.A. Patil 211 Mohak Kumar
212 Murkya Ashutosh Manojkumar
213 Muskan Chugh
214 Muskan Yadav
215 Nannaware Rutuja Rajendra
11 Dr. Shahzad Mirza 216 Navya Dhingra
217 Nimbalkar Aishwarya Vijaykumar
218 Pandey Suvarna Rajeshwar
219 Pathak Pranav Khanderao
220 Patil Avanti Parshram

Alumni Placement- Microbiology

Name of the P. G. Student Year of passing Placement
Dr. Priya Dhumal Jun-07 Working as lecturer at Modern Dental College Indore. UNIV. GOLD MEDAL
Dr. S. A. Kazmi Dec. 2007 Working in Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi.
Dr. Amit Rangari Jun-08 Working as the lecturer in Dept. of Microbiology MISMR College, Latur.
Dr. Shital Kamble Jun-08 Working as the lecturer in Dept. of Microbiology B.J Medical College, Pune. UNIV. GOLD MEDAL
Dr. Shilpa Lagali Jun-09 Observer’s Post in automation & Newer diagnostics in Microbiology in Mumbai.
Dr. Pallavi Tatte Jun-09 Enrolled for DCP
Dr. Deepali Chavhan Jun-09 Attached to private Hospital
Dr. Manpreet kaur Jun-10 Working as the clinical microbiologist at Nigeria UNIV. GOLD MEDAL
Dr. Suruchi Sharma Jun-10 Working as a clinical microbiologist Ram Manohar Lohiya Hospital in Delhi.
Dr. Arnob Mandal Jun-10 Working as lecturer in Dept. of Microbiology Govt. College Calcutta.
Dr. Saikat Bawal Jun-11 Working as an infectious diseases specialist at the corporate hospital at Calcutta.
Dr. Neetu Gupta Jun-12 Working as an Asst. Professor, Dr. D. Y. Patil Medical College, Pimpri, Pune-18.
Dr. Ajay Kumar Jun-12 Consultant Medanta Medcity
Dr. Mukesh Sharma Jun-13 Working as Senior Resident, North Delhi Medical College, Delhi
Dr. Purbasha Ghosh Jun-13 Working as a Senior Resident, Govt. Medical College, Burdwan
Dr. Retina Paul Jun-14 Metropolis Lab, Kolkata
Dr. Indranath Roy Jun-14 Govt. Service – West Bengal
Dr. Moumita Sardar Jun-14 Assistant Professor, Medical College
Hi-Tech Medical College & Hospital Rourkela Odisha.
Dr. Nabamita Chaudhury Jun-15 Demonstrator, Burdwan Medical College, West Bengal
Dr. Shahzad Beg Mirza Jun-17 Working as an Asst. Professor Cum Manager Quality and Hospital Infection control, Dr. D. Y. Patil Medical College, Pimpri, Pune-18.