Teaching Programme

Under Graduate
  • Lectures in well-equipped lecture hall with LCD facility
  • Feedback from students
  • Revision lectures, Tutorials/ practicals in small batches
  • Small batches for practicals
  • World class museum with illustrated photographs and microphotographs
  • Student seminars
  • Integrated teaching
  • Problem-based learning
  • Student research projects
Post Graduate
  • MD : 6 Semesters 3 yrs.
  • DCP : 4 Semesters 2 yrs.
  • Postings : 2 weeks in Anatomy and Physiology. 1 Month in Microbiology and Biochemistry in 2nd. 3rd And the 4th term for DCP student and 4th. 5th and 6th term for MD student.
    1 month in Blood Bank in each term.
    2 months in CCL in each term.
  • Histopathology and FNAC.
  • Day to day functioning of the department
  • Reporting of FNAC and Histopathology slides
  • Call duties in CCL and Blood bank
  • UG briefing
  • Assisting the staff in research work
  • Grossing of tissues
Participation in Integrated Teaching

Topics of relevance are periodically selected, and after consultation with sister departments ( Para clinical / Clinical ) are taught in a manner that the selected topic is covered by all departments around the same time

Wall magazine

Serial No Title
1 Grading of esophageal carcinoma
2 Gastric tumors
3 TNMC Classification of tumors of colon & rectum
4 WHO Histological classification of tumors of liver & intra hepatic bile ducts
5 Pancreatic carcinoma
6 Staging of tumors according to its TNM features
7 Lymphoma
8 Histological classification & staging & grading of soft tissue tumors
9 WHO Classification of central nervous system tumors
10 Renal cell carcinoma classification
11 Appendix –A – Pathological staging
12 Prostate grading – System of Gleason’s
13 WHO Classification of testicular tumors
14 Ovarian tumors
15 WHO Histological classification of breast tumors
16 WHO Staging & grading of breast tumors
17 Carcinosarcoma of ovary
18 Cattleman’s disease hyaline vascular type.
19 Utility of imprint cytology in CNS tumors
20 Solitary iliac bone metastasis an unusual presentation of follicular thyroid carcinoma
21 Senor usher syndrome a rare case report.
22 Lymphoma spillover an unusual presentation of mantle cell lymphoma
23 lymphocytoma cutis of scalp mimic icing mycosis fungicides

Alumni Placements

  1. Dr. Archana Bansal: Running a private laboratory at Pashan, Pune
  2. Dr. Pratik Jariwala: Running a high-tech laboratory with all modern automated equipment including immunoflourescence at Borivali(West), Mumbai
  3. Dr. Vandana Verma: Working as a consultant pathologist at Metropolis, Noida
  4. Dr. Renuka Joshi; Working as a consultant pathologist at Sudha multiband super specialty Hospital and research institute, Kota, Rajasthan Consultant at Global Endoscopy centre, Kota
  5. Dr. Pallavi Khattar: Studying for USMLE at New York
  6. Dr. Abhiram Dixit is working as Pathologist in Religare lab .
  7. Dr. Ruchika Agarwal is a consultant pathologist at Agra.
  8. Dr. Sushmah Kulkarni, Assistant Professor, in Dept. of Pathology, DYPMC
  9. Dr.Ruchika Saluja working in Golwilkar Lab , Pune .
  10. Dr.Saurin Patel running Lab successfully in Ahmedabad , Gujrat .
  11. Dr.Anubha Purang running Lab successfully in Ahmedabad , Gujrat .
  12. Dr. Nitin Rathod – Post doctoral fellowship in laboratory haematology at Department of Transfusion Medicine and Immunochematology at CMC, Vellore.
  13. Dr. Shrinath Kshirsagar – Fellowship course in Clinical Haematology at TN Medical College, Mumbai.
  14. Dr. Sampada Anwekar – Consultant Pathologist at Jehangir Hospital, Pune