Department of Biochemistry


Teaching Programme

The department provides didactic teaching as well as practical training to different disciplines


  • Evaluation of the students in the form of MCQs, short answer questions, long answer questions and case-oriented approach.
  • Emphasis on small group teaching which includes tutorials, seminars, group discussions, lecture demonstrations and computer-based learning using software and PANABOARD.
  • Special coaching for academically backward students. The innovative methods of teaching and sincere effort by the faculty have helped the students in achieving Distinctions in Biochemistry at University levels.

Teaching hours allotted to human biochemistry :240 hrs
Theory lectures: 82 per year
Practicals conducted : 19 per year
Lecture cum demonstrations:11 per year
Tutorials held:20 per year.
Students Seminars :2 per year

Post Graduate (MD)

Lectures: 82 per year
Journal club:10 per year
SpecialTopic Presentation: 10 per year
Microteaching Sessions: 10 per year
PG Practical: Twice per week
Seminars : 2 Per term

Participation in Integrated Teaching:
  • Enzymes
  • Hemoglobin
  • Thyroid Function Tests
Wall magazine :Yes
Alumni Placements:All the passed out PGs are suitably employed in various medical colleges