1. Journal club four times a month.
  2. Seminar four times a month
  3. Group Discussion once a week
  4. Case presentation thrice a week
  5. Teaching grand round every Saturday.
  6. X-ray and ECG clinics.
  7. Interpretation of Investigations like PFT, ABG & CT Thorax
  8. Guidance & Monitoring of thesis.
  9. Research Involvement – Guidance on dissertation topics, Departmental scientific projects
  10. Radio-pulmonary meet once a month.

Respiratory Medicine Department conducts formative assessment for postgraduate students every six monthly and helps them to improve in the areas of underperformance.

  1. Classroom lectures every weekly 14 lectures in 6th semester, 13 lectures in 7th semester
  2. Tutorials every weekly total 9 in 8th semester including RNTCP training
  3. Clinical posting of 15 days in batches, in 8th semester
  4. Internal assessment examination at the end of every clinical posting
Integrated teaching on “Tuberculosis"
  1. A talk on Tuberculosis was given by Dr.Sachinkumar Dole dated 31/01/2019
  2. A talk on Tuberculosis was given by Dr. Ahmer Javed dated 24/01/2018
  3. A talk on Tuberculosis was given by Dr. Anand Yannawar dated 5th Feb2016.
  4. A talk on tuberculosis was given by Dr. T. M. Dhamgaye dated 10th Feb2015.
  5. A CME on Pediatric TB was arranged in the college Auditorium on 28thFeb 2011 at 2.00 pm with combined efforts of Department of Respiratory Medicine, Department of Pediatrics & City TB Society.
  6. The topic of Clinical presentation and differences from adult TB was taken by the speaker,Dr. Agarkhedkar.
  7. Topic on Epidemiology, DOTs strategy, chemoprophylaxis was taken by speaker,Dr. Amo lWankhede, WHO Consultant
  8. The topic on Diagnosis of Pediatric TB was taken by the speaker, Dr. Vinita Deshpande.
  9. Topic on Management(Counseling, Treatment, Regimens, Prophylaxis) was taken by Dr. Sahasrabudhe
  10. Yearly RNTCP Training for Undergraduates, Postgraduates, Nursing Staff & Faculty is being conducted.
Presented 8 cases (clinical meetings)
  1. In February 2018, three cases were presented at a clinical meet of the college
    • Chronic cough : An unusual presentation by Dr. Sourabh Jain.
    • An unusual bacterial pneumonia in immunocompetent patient by Dr Uma Sharma.
    • Management of pyopneumothorax in a pediatric patient by Dr. Nirmala M.A.
  2. In February 2019, three cases were presented at a clinical meet of the college
    • A mysterious endobronchial mass- Dr Shubhi Singhal
    • Rare complication in a case of MDR tuberculosis- Dr Sajin Sunny Mathew
    • An uncommon presentation of a common connective tissue disease- Dr Nirmala M.A
  3. In February 2011, two cases were presented at a clinical meet of the college. A case of XDR-TB was presented by Dr. TusharSahasrabudhe& Dr. Vikas Oswal Presented a case of Ethambutol toxicity.
  4. In March 2012, a very good case of complicated pleural effusion presented by Dr. Tushar Sashrabudhe/Dr. Vivian Wilson at College Auditorium in the annual clinical meets.
  5. In February 2014, one case on primary pulmonary hypertension presented by Dr. TusharSahasrabudhe& Dr. Ashish Gupta at College Auditorium in the annual clinical meet.
  6. In February 2015, two cases were presented by Dr. Ajinkya Mhase& Dr. Parimal Deshpande on adenocarcinoma of pleura & pulmonary alveolar micro lithiasis at College Auditorium in the annual clinical meet.
  7. In February 2016, two cases were presented by Dr. Sowmya Attipatla& Dr. M. S. Barthwal on Three cases of Loculated Pleural Effusion managed with Intrapleura Filrinolytic Therapy & Management of Loculated Pleural Effusion at College Auditorium in the annual clinical meet.
  8. In February 2017, two cases were presented by Dr. M. S. Barthwal on Intrapleural Filrinolytic Therapy.
Clinics Conducted By Department
  1. Smoking Cessation Clinic
  2. Services offered include an initial consultation with a Pulmonologist regarding smoking habits. Patient education is provided, and the motivation to stop smoking is discussed. Pharmaceutical intervention may be offered where appropriate counseling is also offered to patients attending the clinic and on a follow-up basis as needed.
  3. Asthma clinic: Every fortnight on Tuesday
  4. Pulmonary Rehabilitation clinic: Every Fortnight on Friday
  1. Dr. Ajit Kulkarni (2005-2007)- Practicing as Chest Physician in Pune
  2. Dr. Rajratan Sadawarte (2008)- Asst. Prof. at K. J. Somayya and Practicing at Bandra(E), Mumbai
  3. Dr. Rohit Amale (2008)- Practice , sagali
  4. Dr. Prakash Sinha (2009)- Asst. Prof. Patna Medical College and practicing pulmonologist at Patna
  5. Dr. Iqbal Siddiqui (2009)- Practicing pulmonologist at Aurangabad
  6. Dr. Rithesh Kamal (2007-2010)– Working currently at Appollo Hospital New Delhi. (Ph. no: 931287468)
  7. Dr. Shreehas Bard apurkar (2010)-Practicing pulmonologist at Aurangabad
  8. Dr. Sandeep Garg (2008-2011)– Working currently at Maharaja Agarsen Hospital New Delhi (Ph. no: 9958632597)
  9. Dr. Vikas Oswal (2009-2011)- private practice , Mumbai
  10. Dr. Vipul Kalley (2009-2012)- Working at Apollo Hospital New Delhi (Ph. no: 9582472580)
  11. Dr. Anish Khan (2009-2012)- Working at Vivekananda Mission Hospital (Ph. no: 9665276834)
  12. Dr. Madhur Joshi (2010-2012)– Working at SDMH Hospital (Ph. no: 9636333366)
  13. Dr. Tinku Joseph (2010-2013)- DM Respiratory Medicine, Kerala Asst. Prof. CMC Hospital, Vellore
  14. Dr. Vivian Wilson (2010-2013)- Jr. Consultant Medical Trust Hospital, Kochi
  15. Dr. Ankur Pathak (2011-2014)-Practicing Chest Physician in Agra
  16. Dr. Gauri Gadge (2011-2014)- Practicing Physician in Aurangabad
  17. Dr. Amit Dave (2012-2014)- DNB at chest hospital Calicut, Kerla DNB at Trissur, Kerala
  18. Dr. Ashish Gupta (2011-2014)- Practicing Physician in Ambala, Panjab
  19. Dr. Megha Oberoi (2011-2013)- Physician at civil hospital Lohgaon, MO at TB Hospital Lohgaon
  20. Dr. Prashant Singh (2012-2015)- Practicing Chest Physician in Gorakhpur, UP
  21. Dr. Kundan Mehta (2012-2015)- Working as Assistant Prof. at Dr. D. Y. Patil Medical College, Pune
  22. Dr. Ajinkya Mhase (2012-2015)- PRIVATE Practice sagemnaer
  23. Dr. Parimal Deshpande (2013-2015)-KRIMS, Nagpur
  24. Dr. Sumit Kumar (2013-2017)- private Practice
  25. Dr. Avinash Chauhan (2013-2017)- private Practice
  26. Dr. Ajay Kattakkayam (2013-2017)- private Practice
  27. Dr. Vivek Sharma (2013-2015)- Senior Resident (Pulmonary & Critical Care) Fortis Hospital, Mohali, Punjab
  28. Dr Sowmya Attiptla(2014-2017)-private practice
  29. Dr. Fouzia Ajani(2014-2017)- KEM(IDCCM) Pune
  30. Dr Harshade Patel(2014-2016) Working as private practice ahmedabhad.
  31. Dr. Ahmer Javed(2014-2017) Practice, Jammu
  32. Dr Arpan Dhoka (2015-2018)- private practice, Mumbai
  33. Dr KirtiYadav(2015-2018)- private practice, Haryana
  34. Dr Aditya Pandya(2016-2018)- KEM,DNB, pune
  35. Dr Harshad Azeem E K (2016-2019)-Working SR, Dr D Y Patil Medical college
  36. Dr Uma Sharma(2015-2017)-Dr Aditya Birla, Pune
National Programme
Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme.
  • core committee meeting
  • Designated Microscopy Center (DMC) , DOTS Center
  • Full time appointed Mo(RNTCP), Lab Technician, tuberculosis health visitor
  • Genxpert machine available
  • Cases finding & case holding
  • Attending State task force & Zonal task force