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DPU Clinical Simulation & Skills Lab

The“ DPU Clinical Simulation & Skills Lab” of Dr. D. Y. Patil Medical College was established in the year 2013 with the aim to :-

  • To provide a safe, protected and learner friendly environment in which the learner can practice various medical skills before using them in real clinical settings.
  • To Provide actual training of clinical procedures in a safe and fault forging environment prior to real life application at bedside or in the operating room thus ideally creating an atmosphere that allows the repeated, anxiety and risk-free practice of targeted skills.
  • Helps learn and develop clinical reasoning skills, psychomotor surgical skills.
  • To help understand complex clinical concepts and decision making and applying appropriate procedural or Surgical skills through simulating these through Models, Mannequins, Instruments and simulators
  • Thus it aims at building competent and safe Clinicians and Surgeons.
  • Developing clinical & Interventional skills of Undergraduate, Postgraduate Medical students, Junior Surgeons & Physicians. So that they become proficient, safe & skilled doctors.
  • To enhance these clinical skills through regular practice.
  • To enhance the quality of teaching & learning of medical students to raise the standards of medical education.
  • To bring clarity & objectivity in learning & teaching.

The DPU Clinical Simulation & Skills Lab is situated on the 3rd Floor of the Hi-tech hospital building . It has briefing & debriefing Rooms, Demonstration Rooms, Standardised Patient Simulation Rooms plus Simulated ICU Emergency Room, Task Training Rooms, Laparoscopy & Endoscopy, Arthroscopy Stations .This has High Fidelity Computerized & manual Mannequins & also has models for U G, P G & Superspeciality Training. It has Hi speed Internet & Modern Audio-Visual teaching Aids . This is utilized for Lectures, Audio-Video presentations & online teaching sessions of skills Lab. The Clinical Simulation & Skills Lab is used by all Para clinical & Clinical departments for their teaching & learning needs & is open from Monday to Saturday.