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Central Clinical Skills Lab

The “Central Clinical Skills Lab” of Dr. D. Y. Patil Medical College was established on 13th July 2009 with the aim of:-

  1. Developing clinical & Interventional skills of undergraduate, postgraduate Medical students, Junior Surgeons & Physicians. So that they become proficient, safe & skilled doctors.
  2. To enhance these clinical skills through regular practice.
  3. To enhance the quality of teaching & learning of medical students to raise the standards of medical education.
  4. To bring clarity & objectivity in learning & teaching.

The central skills lab is situated on the 6th Floor of the ultramodern Hi-tech hospital building next to our Central Library. It has an attached ultra-modern I.T (Information technology) Lab with more than 50 number of computer stations with Hi speed Internet & Audio-Visual Aids facility. This is utilized for Lectures, Audio-Video presentations & online teaching sessions of skills Lab. The Central Skills lab is used by all Para clinical & Clinical departments for their teaching & learning needs & is open from Monday to Saturday.