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Dr. Mrs. Abha Arya
Name : Dr. Abha Arya
Designation: Senior Manager Academics
Email Id :
Ext. No : 5930

Student Council

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Transcript Information

For Transcript Information Contact to Student Section


Student Section(UG)

Name : Mr. Pradip Kumbhar
Designation: UG Supervisor
Name : Mr. Mayur Kshirsagar
Role : Support Staff for 1st Year MBBS
Name : Mr. Jitin Gaikwad
Role : Support staff for 2nd Year MBBS
Name : Mr. Leon Martin
Role : Support staff for 3rd Prof. MBBS - Part I
Name : Ms. Oriana Peter
Role : Support staff for 3rd Prof. MBBS - Part II

Student Section(PG)

Dr. Mrs. Nihar Kanti Mandal
Name : Mr. Nihar Kanti Mandal
Designation: Office Superintendent
Email Id :
Ext. No : 5117
Name : Ms. Rina Kalpund
Role : Support Staff for All PG Resident
Name : Mrs. Gouri Gole
Role : Support Staff for All Super Specialty