• The vision of the department of Anaesthesia is to combine academic training, research and a humane approach for apt patient care.
  • To thoroughly train the postgraduate resident doctors in the field of Anesthesiology, critical care, Pain management and Resuscitative procedures, (COLS) Compression only life support so as to make them proficient in all the aspects of their chosen specialty.
  • provide the fundamental knowledge about Anesthesia and resuscitative measures to undergraduate medical students, doctors of other specialties and paramedical personnel.
  • To spread awareness among the general public regarding the importance of Anaesthesia and Critical Care.


  • Along Basic anaesthesia care anaesthesia for robotic surgery and exposure to superspecialityanaesthesia as Neurosurgery, Urosurgery, pediatric surgery, Plastic surgery, Cardiovascular, Cath lab and Radiological, Oncosurgery, Transplant surgery procedures.
  • To train them as team leader in Resucitation (code blue) situatuions.
  • To make the perioperative anesthetic journey of the patient safe, comfortable and pain free.
  • To provide adequate post operative analgesia.
  • To share a healthy and a professional relationship with the medical and paramedical staff for the prompt and efficient delivery of patient care.
  • To be strong, efficient, dedicated and a well organized back bone of the institution
  • To train the Postgraduate residents in anaesthesia for Robotic surgery
  • Teaching USG guided venous access and peripheral nerve blocks
  • To make post graduate students proficient in difficult airway management by using
  • C Mac, fiberoptic intubating bronchoscope
  • To provide palliative care for terminally ill patients