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Academic Merits : Faculty & Students

Dr. Sandip Baheti , Professor has received Bharat Ratna Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Gold Medal award for his achievement in field of Medicine and work for National Unity at National Unity Conference held at Bangalore on 27th May 2023 by GEPRA.

Dr. Shilpa Kshirsagar, Associate Professor in gynaecology dept. at Dr. D. Y. Patil medical college in Pimpri received Dr. Smita Jog award for her work in 'Adolescent Health'. She is very passionate about 'Adolescent Health' and deals with physical and psychological health issues of budding children. She takes sessions on 'Adolescent Health' in schools, educational institutes and on a personal basis. Interesting fact is she conducts sessions with innovative ideas. She writes blogs to create health awareness in these age group children. Dr. Shilpa also takes live sessions on facebook.
POGS felicitated her with this award for her noble work towards society. View More

Participation of DPU Unit of Bioethics in “BIOETHICON 2019”

The Asia Pacific Division of the UNESCO Chair in Bioethics,Haifa conducted the 1st International Bioethics Health Sciences Conference –“BIOETHICON 2019” on 8th to 10th November , 2019 at SRM Medical College Hospital & Research Centre, Tamilnadu, India.

This international conference offered a unique platform for the exchange of Bioethics Education Information, Knowledge, pre-conference Courses,Workshops, Panel Discussions, Interactive Lecture Sessions and Exhibition of Posters and Photographs which highlighted Bioethical issues in Health Sciences.The purpose of the CHAIR was to build; activate; co-ordinate and stimulate Bioethics Education in Academic Institutes through an International Network of Units in Bioethics.

Dr. Shailaja Mane, Secretary and Faculty Incharge of Student’s wing represented bioethics wing of DPU Unit of UNESCO Chair in Haifa along with a team of faculties and students of DPU. Dr. Tushar Palekar, Principal and Dr.Gaurang Baxi ,Assistant Prof. represented college of Physiotherapy of DPU. Dr.Neelima Dubey, Assistant Professor .represented college of Biotechnology of DPU along with 12 students. A total of four faculty members and 33 students from different fields of medicine, physiotherapy and biotechnology participated in this prestigious conference.

“Bioethicon 2019” was this year’s first conference attended by the undergraduate students of Dr.D Y Patil Medical college,Pimpri,Pune. Students from our university actively participated in the oral paper presentations, e-poster presentations and workshops organised under the conference. Papers on important topics such as ‘Doctor-Patient Relationship’, ‘Application of autonomy and consent ethics by Indian medical fraternity and its implications’ and ‘Medical Humanities and Bioethics’ as presented by students of medical college were deeply appreciated by the participating bodies of the conference.

Dr. Shailaja Mane had delivered a talk in plenary session on 9th November 2019. Dr. Tushar Palekar and Dr.Gaurang Baxi also presented oral papers in the conference.All the presenters shared their views and interacted by answering questions asked by judge and chairpersons on topics related to bioethical issues.All presentations were well appreciated. Dr.Shailaja Mane chaired and was a judge for sessions of oral paper presentations by students on 8th November 2019 and by faculty on 9th November 2019.Dr.Tushar Palekar and Dr.Gourang Baxi chaired and was judge for sessions on 9th November 2019.All faculties had actively interacted with presenters.

Shivanjali Rathore, Shivam Garg,Aryan Dwivedi,Pratinav Shalley and Rashi Bhagiyan from Medical College presented oral papers and posters.Shrutika Kaveli and Neha Sinha from College of Biotechnology presented oral papers with guidance of faculties from College of Biotechnology . Anushka Ghoshal and Siddhi Bohra,interns of medical college presented ICMR approved STS research projects under the guidance Dr.Shailaja Mane,Dr.James Thomas and Dr.Vidya Gaikwad had given valuable guidance to them. Various aspects of Bioethical issues were dealt and discussed by the participants.

Total 14 students from medical college and 13 students from college of biotechnology attended the conference. All students and faculties attended, actively participated and appreciated various sessions in Bioethicon 2019. The three day conference was a great platform for the young minds to discuss important issues regarding ethics in medicine, learn from other participants and discuss plausible solutions for the same. Bioethicon 2019 was wrapped up successfully by a beautiful cultural program organised by students of SRM medical college, hospital and research centre which was enjoyed by all the participants .

Team of DPU in Bioethicon 2019, Chennai

Team of Students from Dr. D Y Patil Medical College, Pimpri, Pune

Neelima Dubey and students of College of Biotechnology of DPU, Pune

Speech by Dr. Shailaja Mane in Plenary Session

Dr.Tushar Palekar & Dr.Gaurang Baxi from College of Physiotherapy

Oral Paper Presentations by Students

Dr. Amitav Banerjee invited as Speaker and Judge at AIMST international conference in Malaysia on 10-11 October 2019.

Dr. Amitav Banerjee, Prof. & HOD was invited as Guest Speaker at the International Conference at AIMST University Malaysia, "21st Century Trends in Medical Education and Sciences 2019."

He spoke on "Recent Trends in Public Health" The talk was appreciated by the Dy Director, Planning Division, Ministry of Health of Malaysia in the following words, ""I really enjoyed your session. You made Public Health look so attractive." He also chaired a session and was judge for oral presentation by faculty.

Dr A.L.kakrani, Professor & HOD Medicine delivered first MAP Founder President Oration on 18th October,2019 entitled " Witnessing Four Decades of Clinical Medicine" at 9th Annual Conference of Maharashtra Association of Physicians at CIDCO Auditorium at Navi Mumbai.

He was given Scroll of Honour and felicitated by Padmshree Dr Alka Deshpande, the founder president of Maharashtra Association of Physicians.

A PG Companion 2nd edition (Vol. 01 & Vol.02) Jaypee Publication 19 written by our own Senior faculty Dr. (Col) S. K. Biswas (Professor Emeritus), which has recently been written and published today by Hon’ble Dr. P. D. Patil Sir Chancellor Dr.D.Y.Patil Vidyapeeth, Pune . This is a comprehensive book in Orthopaedics. This will help all students both UG and PG for preparation in Orthopaedics.

Edition 1, which was published in 2013, was also procured after publishing.

ISBN: 978-93-89188-27-1

Dr. (Brig) D. Saldanha Professor and HOD Psychiatry was presented the Golfer of the year award and also the best Addicted Golfer of the season for the year 2018-2019 of Golfing Society of Western India presented by the Chief Guest Lt Gen D. S. Ahuja the Chief of Staff of Southern Command Pune on 22 Jun 2019 at Pune in the annual Prize Distribution Ceremony.

Dr Tushar Sahasrabudhe, Professor, Department of Respiratory Medicine, delivered a lecture on 04th May, 2019 at Thane, on the topic of “Coughing and spitting as a part of preventative initiative for airborne infection”. It was attended by 1400 auto rickshaw drivers.

Following dignitaries were present for the function

  • Thane Municipal Commissioner,
  • Regional Transport Office (RTO) Thane,
  • Traffic Police ,
  • Collector ,
  • Indian Medical Association
  • City TB Officer.
Participation of faculty and PG students in 13th National Obesity Conference : AIAARACON 2018

Following Faculty and PG Resident of Dept.of Pediatrics had Participated in 13th National Obesity Conference, AIAARACON 2018 organised by All India Association of Advancing Research in Obesity on 7th -9th Sept.2018 in Welcomhotel Rama International, Aurangabad.

  1. Dr. Shailaja Mane, Prof. Dept. of Pediatrics delivered a talk on “Where We Stand: Paediatric Obesity Prevention” on 8th Sept. 2018 which was very well appreciated by all.
  2. Dr. Sahiti Reddy, a Postgraduate student in Pediatrics had received 3rd Prize for an oral paper presentation in the conference. She had presented following paper on 9th Sept.2018. “Study of pattern of food habits & physical activity in school going adolescents of urban Pune in western India- A Pilot study” under the guidance of Dr. Shailaja Mane, Dr. Swati Bhave, Dr. S. R. Agarkhedkar.
  3. Dr. Shailaja Mane and Dr. Sahiti attended and taken active participation in a pre-conference workshop : Basic to Clinical Practice Workshop: Speciality Certification of Obesity Professional Education (SCOPE) on 7th September 2018.
Dr. A. Lune, Professor, Department of Ophthalmology Completed IRONMAN Competition
View Certificate

He completed IRONMAN Competition successfully at Zurich Switzerland. He completed this competition in the format viz. Swim 01:31:38, Bike 07:46:49, Run 04:51:17, Overall 14:32:33. Age Group: M/45-49, Age Group Ranking 211, Overall Ranking 1382.