Completed Thesis 2014-2017
S.No Name Of Student Topic Name Of Guide
1. Dr. Ishita Gulati Diagnostic implication of Platelet Volume in thrombocytopenia Dr. Harsh Kumar
2. Dr. Pradnya Shende Study of Dermal Vasculoendothelial changes in inflammatory skin diseases. Dr. N.K.Panicker
3. Dr. Rahul Nair Cyto-Morphological Spectrum of Thyroiditis and its clinical co-relation-> A study of 100 cases Dr.S.S. Chandanwale
3. Dr. Rahul Jadhav Histopathological spectrum of malignant ovarian tumours Dr.S.S. Chandanwale
4 Indranil Dey Histopathological Spectrum of Malignancies in Females Dr. C.R.Gore
5 Dr.Supreet Kaur Study of platelet indices in type 2 diabetic patients as predictive parameters for Diabetic Angiopathy Dr. A.C. Buch
7 Dr. Megha Jha Role Of FNAC in Breast Lump And Its Histopathological Corelation Dr. S. Bamanikar
8 Dr. Bedarshi banerji Spectrum of lymph node lesions diagnosed by FNAC and Histopathology Dr. P.M.Pagaro
S.No PG Student Title of study PG Guide
1. Dr. Ruby Rao To Study Serum Ascitic Albumin Gradient In Non Alcoholic Patients With Ascites Dr. Harsh Kumar
2. Dr. Sheth Jay Yashvantrai Histomorphological Study Of Precancerous Lesions Of Breast Dr. S. S. Chandanwale
3. Dr. Aditi Pandey Study Of Histopathological Changes In Placenta In Pre-Eclampsia/Eclampsia. Dr. C.R.Gore
3. Dr. Amardeep Patil Evaluation Of Platelet Count And Platelet Indices And Their Significance In Preeclampsia. Dr. A.C.Buch
Completed Thesis 2015-18
S.No PG Student Title of study PG Guide
4 Dr. Rohan Joshi Study Of Spectrum Of Prostate Lesions. Dr. P. M. Pagaro
5 Dr. Shah Kushal Dhiren Immunohistochemical Testing Of Her2/Neu Over Expression In Gastric Cancer Specimens And Its Clinicooathological Correlation Dr. S. Bamanikar
7 Dr. Sourabh Paranjape Diagnostic Importance Of Platelet Parameters In Patients With Coronary Artery Disease And Acute Myocardial Infarction. Dr. C.R.Gore
8 Dr. Sanjyot Nikam To Study The Prevalance Of Hepatitis B And Hepatitis C In Voluntary Donors Coming To The Blood Donation Camps. Dr. P. M. Pagaro
9 Dr. Jehan Ansari Spectrum of Histopathological changes in fibroadenoma of breast Dr. Archana Buch
10 Dr. Anushree Khandelwal Evaluation of immunohistochemistry for the detection of helicobacter pylori in gastric mucosal biopsies and its comparison with other histochemical methods Dr. S. Bamanikar
Ongoing Thesis 2016-2019
S.No Name of student Topic Name of Guide
1 Dr.Patel Shreya Rajesh Study of spectrum of various haematological disorders in bone marrow aspiration. Dr. Harsh Kumar
2 Dr.Naragude Piyusha Ulhas Histopathological spectrum of lesions in nephrectomy specimen. Dr. S. S. Chandanwale
3 Dr.Padmakar Rajabhau Bardapurkar Evaluation of pancytopenia in adults. Dr. C.R.Gore
4 Dr.Niladri Haldar A study of Ki-67 expression in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Dr. A.C.Buch
5 Dr.Gambhir Anushree Sanjeev Study of the histopathological spectrum of soft tissue tumours - A 100 case study. Dr. P. M. Pagaro
6 Dr Pathak Pooja Madhukar Histopathological analysis of ovarian tumours and Overexpression of HER-2/neu in ovarian carcinoma. Dr. S. Bamanikar
7 Dr.Shetty Abhinav Bhaskar Histopathological study of lesions of nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses Dr. A.Dharwadkar
8 Dr.Agrawal Neekita Shriram Histopathological spectrum of central nervous system tumours in a tertiary care centre Dr. S.Vimal
9 Dr.Ashily Koshy Role of p 63 marker to determine benign and malignant lesions of prostate. Dr. Bavikar
10 Dr. Manpreet Kaur A study of placental changes in mothers with pregnancy associated anemia Dr. Harsh Kumar
Ongoing Thesis 2017-20
S.No Name of Student Topic Comments
1 Dr Manoj Sawadkar Significance of Haematological scoring system (H.S.S.) in the early diagnosis of Neonatal sepsis. Dr. A.Dharwadkar.
2 Dr Dayanand Sonkawade Clinico-histopathological spectrum of Gastrointestinal tract lesions. Retrospective & prospective studies. Dr. S. Bamanikar.
3 Dr Namrata Patro Comparison of Histograms with peripheral blood smear findings of indoor patients in a tertiary care hospital. Dr. A Buch.
4 Dr. Sahiba Kaur Study of incidence of spectrum of anemias in various departments of Dr D.Y. PATIL Medical college in different clinical conditions. Dr. P. M. Pagaro
Ongoing thesis 2018-2021
S.No Name of Student Name of Topic Name of Guide
1. Akshi Raj Effect Of Lifestyle Factors On Male Fertility: A Hospital Based Study Dr. Banyameen Iqbal
2. Madhuri Singh Study Of Thyroid Tumors Based On World Health Organization Classification Of 2017 Dr. Rupali Bavikar
3. Kanika Jain A Histopathological Analysis Of Granulomatous Lesions Of Skin And Its Clinical Correlation Dr. Tushar Kambale
4. Prachi Khandekar Role Of Ki – 67 In Psoriasis Dr. Shruti Vimal
5. Akshay Bondge Correlation Of Histomorphological Finding Of Prostate Biopsies With Psa Level Dr. Archana Buch
6. Bhavana V Clinicopathological And Histomorphological Study Of Neoplastic Lesions Of Urinary System Dr. C.R. Gore
7 Aditi Malhotra A Study Of Her-2/Neu Expression In Premalignant And Malignant Lesions Of Uterine Cervix Dr. Vidya Vishwanathan
8 Aniket Bhide Comparison Of 3 Reporting Systems In Thyroid Cytology Smears- A Study Of 50 Cases Dr. Shirish Chandanwale
9 Sadbhawana Histological Patterns Of Endometrial Lesions In Patients With Abnormal Uterine Bleeding Dr. Harsh Kumar
10 Aishwarya Desai Retrospective And Prospective Analysis Of Histopathological Spectrum Of Pancreatic And Periampullary Neoplasms Dr. Pradhan Pagaro
Ongoing thesis 2019-2022
Sr. No Name Of Students Synopsis topic Name Of Guide
1 Dr. Neha Agarwal Haematological patterns of Anaemia in Geriatric patients in a Tertiary Medical Care Centre Dr. Harsh Kumar
2 Dr. Rakesh Study of fine needle aspiration cytology in supraclavicular lymphadenopathy Dr.S.S.Chandanwale
3 Dr. Pratyush Mishra Study of Squash Smear & its correlation with Frozen Section, Histopathology and Radiological Diagnosis in diagnosis of space occupying lesions of Brain and Spinal cord. Dr C.R.Gore
4 Dr.Mukta Naik Correlation of Ki-67 with various molecular subtypes of breast cancer Dr.A.C.Buch
5 Dr. Merin Jose Incidence of HIV in healthy blood donors at tertiary care centre Dr.P.M.Pagaro
6 Dr. Bhandhari Parul Histopathological spectrum of malignancies in medical college and tertiary care centre. Dr.Sunita Bamanikar
7 Dr. Barnali Paul Role of Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology in diagnosis of Salivary Gland Lesions and its histopathological correlation. Dr.A.Dharwadkar
8 Dr. Khushali Parikh Co relation of FNAC and Thyroid Function Test with Urinary Iodine levels in cases of Multinodular Goitre. Dr.Shruti
9 Dr. Meesha Zaheer Direct immunofluorescence in vesicobullous disorders of skin with histopathological correlation. Dr.Rupali Bavikar
10 Dr. Rajeshwari Rs Study to evaluate various Megakaryocytic Alterations in Thrombocytopenia patients: A Bone Marrow Aspiration Study Dr. M.B.Iqbal
11 Dr. Rumaanah Khan Histopathological spectrum of upper gastrointrstinal tract endoscopic biopsies Dr.Tushar Kamble
12 Dr. Sumayya A study for histopathological and clinical correlation of hyperpigmented lesions of the skin. Dr.Vidya Vishwanathan