Total area 10000 Sq Ft
Demonstration Rooms 04
Staff Rooms 14
Research Laboratory 01
Library and Seminar Room 01
Morbid Anatomy and Cytology Lab 01
CCL With Haematology and Clinical Pathology Lab 01
Museum 01
Practical Laboratories 02
Library as a learning resource

1) Book : 214 Titles
2) Reference Books : 10
3) Educational CDs
4) Journals & e-Journals
5) Wi-Fi net work and assess to e-books






Microscopic Photography

Microscopic Photography

Departmental Library

Library containing 193 latest Reference books, Educational DVD & CD's. Latest Reference books on General, Systemic and Surgical Pathology for diagnostic work.

  • A large and the beautifully organized museum with over 700 well-dissected and mounted rare specimens, whole autopsy specimens and unmounted specimens with several copies of catalogues available. Short descriptions have been printed and displayed with suitable microphotographs arranged system wise in cubicles. Innovative display on glass shelves and desks with Transillumination and good lighting arrangement.
  • Very convenient working / mounting area and specimen store available. A special room for small group specimen discussion with an artificially designed display table, seating and teaching aids is an added attraction.
  • Many paintings of important personalities and events in the history of Medicine are aesthetically displayed.