OPD services

  • OPD services being provided daily from 09:00 am to 04:00 pm. No consultation charges for OPD patients.
  • Patients are thoroughly examined and proper advice is given.
  • Those patients who need admissions are admitted and treated.
  • Emergency services 24 hours
  • Dressings, minor OT procedures, follow-up of patients are provided free of cost.
  • OPD patients are provided medicines free of charge.

In-patient services

  • Beds 240 indoor surgical beds (96 female and 144 male)s
  • In patient are provided a free bed, free food, free investigation including X-ray, USG, CT, MRI.
  • All available drugs are provided free of cost.
  • Those patients who need surgery are investigated and undergo surgery.
  • All Major and Minor surgery are carried out free of cost.
  • Life-saving emergency surgeries are carried out free of cost 24 hours
  • Minimal access surgery (Laparascopy) are also conducted
  • All endoscopic procidure are conducted

Outreach activities

  • Surgical care provided to remote places through urban and rural centres.
  • Camps are conducted in a remote area where free consultation, free medicine, free investigations are provided.
  • Free transport for selected patients who required admission and admitted free of cost.

Other services / Speciality Clinics

  • Monday: / G.I. Clinic
  • Tuesday: Vascular Clinic
  • Wednesday: Breast Clinic
  • Thursday: Diabetic Clinic
  • Friday: Cancer Clinic
  • Saturday: Plastic Surgery Clinic