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Department of Surgical Gastroenterology


Services Offered –

1. OPD – 9 am to 1 pm and 2 pm to 4 pm (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)

2. Endoscopy

3. All GI related surgery

4. Inpatient for Male , Female patients (10 beds each)

5. ICU & CCU

6. Specialty Clinics including screening for GI diseases.

7. Laparoscopic Set

8. Robotic OT

9. Liver Transplant

10. Pancreas Transplant

Need of this Particular Department: Gastrointestinal complaints are one of most common patient features which need Multispecialty Co-operation of Surgical Gastroenterologist, Medical Gastroenterologist, Endoscopist, Radiologist, Oncologist, etc.

· Specialty Clinic –

1. A. Hepato:

a. Hepatectomy for Liver Cancer, Colerectal + Cholangiocarcinoma Metastasis

b. Extended Cholecystectomy for Carcinoma of Gall Bladder

c. Surgical Treatment for Hydatid Disease, Liver Abscess

B. Pancreas:

a. Surgery for Acute Pancreatitis, Chronic Pancreatitis

b. Whipple’s Procedure for Carcinoma of Head of Pancreas and Perampullary Cancer

c. Distal Pancreatomy

C. Biliary:

a. Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

b. CBD Exploration

c. Excision of Choledecal Cyst

d. Management of Post Cholecystectomy Biliary Injuries

2. Portal Hypertension:

a. Surgical Treatment for Portal Hypertension like Shunt and Devascularization

3. Stoma Care

4. Colo Proctology/ Colorectal:

a. Surgical Management of Carcinoma Rectum and Carcinoma Colon/ Diverticulitis/ Rectal Prolapse

5. Prevention and Cancer screening

6. Upper GI Surgery:

a. Surgery for Cancer Esophagus

b. Gastroesophagal Reflux Disease

c. D2 Radical Gastrorectomy for Carcinoma Stomach

7. Hernia Clinic:

a. We treat all Hernia’s including Inguinal, Umbilical, Incisional

8. Follow up after Surgery

9. Transplant:

Transplant Services for Organ Retrieval and Transplant of Liver and Pancreas

Department weekly schedule –

· OT Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

· OPD Days: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday