1. Whole body 1.5T MRIsystem (24 x 7) - Whole body (1.5 Tesla) applications, DTI, Perfusion, Spectroscopy, Breast and Cardiac. world’s first Bio-matrix technology enabled 3T Magnetom VIDA MRI platform. This is the first such MRI installation in the entire Asia Pacific Region.

2. Three whole body CT machines (24 x 7) –1. Whole body 128 Slice, 2. 16 Slice3. Dual Slice applications. Apart from Routine CT scan studies – 3D CT, HRCT, CT angiography and Coronary angiography CT are performed.

3. Ultrasound (24 x 7) - Diagnostic Grey- scale (Whole body), Colour and Power Doppler and Obstetric ultrasound, Peripheral Doppler Elastrography.,

Digital Radiography and

Digital Mammography


NABL accredited Lab with all facilities