Post Graduate

The overall goal of training programme is to produce a competent public health specialist who can function as a leader of health team and is able to provide effective health care at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels.

The training includes the following

  • Case presentation & discussion : Once a week
  • Seminar : Once in a week
  • Journal club : Once in a week
  • Institutional clinical meeting : Once a Month
  • Thesis review : Once in 3 months
  • Pedagogy : one a month
  • Lab work( Public Health chemistry, Microbiology, Entomology) : once a week
  • Month end exam : Every month

Additional Post Graduate Teaching

  • PGs Attend & participate in the conference by scientific /association
  • Participation in National program eg. Polio surveillance/ immunization coverage(WHO external assessment)

They also organize and participate in multi diagnostic camps and surveys Residents are posted in specialties & various allied departments as per the following schedule

  • RHTC & UHTC : 1month at a time for 3 months each
  • Microbiology : 15 days
  • Medicine : 15 days
  • Pediatrics : 15 days
  • OBGY : 15 days
  • TB Chest : 15 days
  • Public health laboratory work : Once a week
  • Pedagogy : Once a week
  • Faculty Lectures /Group Discussion : 2 per Month

Visit to various public Health institute & Departments

Participation in Integrated Teaching

Integrated teaching is regularly conducted along with other departments on topics of common interest.


The system is in place.