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January, 2014 1 Upgrade emergency med services, NHRC tells Centre
2 4,000 cops hunt for rape suspect in Japan
3 ‘Passenger smoking’ on train may have led to fire
February, 2014 4 Truth of dare
5 I was raped by policemen
6 Made in China MBBS is valid, rules High Court
7 NGP for ban on sale of formalin – laced fish
March, 2014 8 ‘I stopped counting’ : US woman part of satanic cult killed 22
9 Peeping pervert terrorises hostel
10 Man tries to smuggle gold biscuits in rectum
11 Acid attack survivors wins award, hearts in US
12 Anyone can record a dying declaration, Supreme Court Rules
April, 2014 13 Fight against snake bite gathers volume
14 Shakti Mills rapes: Death for three repeat offenders
15 De-addiction gets vocational twist
16 Doc, the internet says I have cancer
May, 2014 17 No police verification of maid who attacked baby
18 7 yrs, 16 surgeries
June, 2014 19 Two docs shut clinics, 10 more under scanner: Survey
20 Rising deaths force Sasson hospital to outsource its bodies
21 Whats App doc, say medical men
22 Forensic dentistry to be launched in India
July, 2014 23 Label on dead man’s vest nails murderer wife, her paramour
24 Hospitals must display rates: HC
25 Are you sure the water you drink is not arsenic heavy?
26 Supercooling organs will help save lives
27 Doctoransathi kavach margadarshak tatwanche
August, 2014 28 Forensic labs a must in every district, rules HC
29 Two booked for posing as doctors
30 CBI team that cracked Aarushi case also investigated Badaun murders
31 City doctor bags wound-healing patent
32 Medically cleared, Kolhapur sisters closer to the noose
September, 2014 33 Doc booked for causing death by negligence
34 The 19 year old who refuses to ‘kid’ herself
35 The medical ‘negligence’ myth
36 Rapist gets life as trial ends in 15 days
37 Soon students may treat patients in 1st yr of MBBS
October, 2014 38 Can e-medication replace doctors?
39 Wife’s murder: HC reduces life sentence of man to 10 years
40 Video recording of delivery: case registered
41 Janhit yachikwar ucch nyayalaychi arogya, gruh mantralay, MCI la notice
42 Sec 377 slaped on Infosys techie after wife catches his gay acts on spy cam
November, 43 An eye on custodial torture
2014 44 Smoking this won’t harm your health
45 Garbhlingnidanacha high profile bajar
46 Make snake-bite cases notifiable, IMA tells govt
47 Forgive and Forget
December, 2014 48 After 2 Yr Fight, FSL has DNA Test Facility
49 Rugnala 22 lakhanchi bharpayee denyacha adesh
50 Brazilian Admits Killin 41 Peoples For Pleasure
51 10-yr-old’s suicide sends shock waves
January, 2015 52 Indians Knew Surgery Before Greeks
53 Surrogacy Not a Hurdle For Maternity Leave: Court
54 Pune Police To Get Speedy With Forensics Help
55 Senior UP Cop Reveals Identity of Teen Girl Raped By Constables
56 Accident victim’s kin get rupees 14.68 Lack compensation
February, 2015 57 In rare case. Woman termed ‘genetically male’ gives birth to healthy twins
58 HC enhances Yadav cousins’ life sentence to 25 years
59 Human head transplant in 2 years?
60 Engg student dies at friend’s house, cops book her & parents
March, 2015 61 Can’t deny claim till proved person knew about illness
62 No leniency to rapist for lack of crime history: HC
63 SC: States must aid accident victim’s kin of accused is poor
64 19-yr-old & boyfriend kill student after fight
65 BJMC student collapses on road, dies of heart attack
April, 2015 66 Khatrishir putrajanmacha netwarun rajaros bajar
67 Woman, 61, is surrogate mom to granddaughter
68 Px: a dose of EQ
69 City’s forensic dreams to come true
70 Cough Hygiene
May, 2015 71 Docs delay declaring patients brain dead
72 Bacteria thrive on env change
73 New MBBS curriculum may be introduced next year
June, 2015 74 News policy matters Delhi government revoks two-finger test circular.
75 Sex on promise of marriage doesn’t amount to rape: Hc
76 Alcohol provokes desire
77 Proposal law set to allow abortion upto 24 weeks
78 Medication after rape? No your honor, Say Jurists
July, 2015 79 Kolkata man found with skeletons of sister, dogs
80 AMC files case on IVF centre for ‘biased’ ad
81 3 yr old dies while undergoing root canal
82 Doc gives chemo to healthy patients, gets 45 yrs in jail
83 Drive against bogus medicos goes rural
August, 2015 84 Online sellers of abortion pills face flak
85 State forensic labs told to send digital reports to avoid delays
86 Who should debate on death penalty?
87 No justice till both killers are hanged
88 CM doubles beds for poor at pvt hospitals
September, 2015 89 MUHS offers lessons in ethics for doctors
90 Patient’s woes to get public hearing
91 Court absolves 4 ruby hall doctors of homicide charges
92 Probably, first 23-week-old baby to have survived: Docs
93 Speed governors must from Oct 1
October, 2015 94 Home deptt orders study of unnecessary post mortems
95 Govt keen on CET for medical colleges
96 Britain gives green light for first 10 womb transplants
97 Dead man walking, victim a labourer in Shirur
98 Forum prod to LIC on Rs. 6.25L claim
November, 2015 99 Docs move SC against ICMR surrogacy rule
100 2 newborns roasted alive in kol hospital warmer
101 Release us from bonds or give relevant duties, demand resident docs
102 N Ireland’s abortion law against human rights, declares court
103 Changing face of medicine
December, 2015 104 Fumigation job claims couple’s lives
105 ICMR simplifies paediatric research
106 Call to unite all state emergency helplines
107 Doctor jailed for violating sonography norms
108 74-min-old baby becomes UK’s youngest organ donor
January, 2016 109 More organs in transplant registry
110 More women study medicine but few practice
111 VIIT student develops software for emergency medical services
112 Fingerprint expert shortage strikes crime in the state
113 Hadapsar hosp told to pay mother Rs. 7 L for baby’s theft
February, 2016 114 DMER moves to abolish Brit era poison practice
115 Sentenced to 118 years man free to walk home
116 Accident victim’s death exposes docs’ apathy
117 Dozens left in lurch as Lanka slams door on organ transplants
118 MUHS to run transplant, dialysis courses for docs
March, 2016 119 Hospital’s mktng heads plays ‘Dr’ PMC issues notice
120 Short of transplant standards, Ruby Hall denied licence
121 Derecognized long ago, but still doling out recognitions
122 Consulting Dr Internet, not physician, latest harmful trend in city
123 50% organ donors unfit due to bad lifestyle
April, 2016 124 WhatsApp posts trigger college brawl
125 Fate of 4,000 Indian docs in limbo over staying on in US
126 Pune heart goes north for first time
127 Mom strangles 23-day-old son: She wanted a girl child
128 High teen abortions reveal urban India’s liberal attitude
May, 2016 129 Medical students use ‘Mission Impossible’ exam spy glasses
130 Serum institute books experts for contract breech
131 SC: In heinous crimes, onus on juvenile to prove he’s under 18
132 Alcohol injection saves man with heart condition
June, 2016 133 Family turns to HC, cops look at Mumbai doctors
134 Cut-off marks soar on MHT-CET merit list
135 Now, smartcards for state nurses to prevent mishaps
136 Unable to pay Rs. 300 bribe, 18 yr old dies in TN hospital
137 Rs. 7.5L fine on doc for surgery goof-up
July, 2016 138 Docs hit the mark in rare bullet injury
139 Doc commits ‘cashless’ fraud with fake docus
140 Widow asks docs for dead spouse’s sperm
141 Rs 13 L damages for accident victim’s kin
142 Woman moves SC to abort ‘abnormal’ fetus at 24 weeks
August, 2016 143 No mercy for child abusers, rules court
144 Deceased’s kin behind bars, guards bailed
145 Shutting of med council to slow down licencing
146 Man carries wife’s body for 10km, hosp gets clean chit
146 MMC scrapped, members miffed
September, 2016 147 No sex with patients, says rulebook for docs
148 HIV via blood transfusions claims 2,234; govt. clueless
149 2 Radiologists get jail for PCPNDT Act breach
150 Sadosh kidneyche pratyaropanamule mrutyu
151 Belgian Vervoort ready for euthanasia, not yet
October, 2016 152 Hospital, doc booked for negligence
153 For painless death, youth orders carbon monoxide online
154 Manuskiche Darshan
155 Hospital to pay Rs. 10.8 L for causing 5-year-old’s death
156 Docs to pay mom Rs. 17.5 L for not detecting foetal defect
November, 2016 157 Diktat for doctors: Write clear, prescribe generic medicines
158 Parents of 6-yr-old cancer patient win right to stop treatment
159 Amid din, surrogacy bill introduced in LS
160 Rapes in India among lowest, says Maneka
December, 2016 161 PMC docs found guilty of private practice
162 Nagar sniffs out 27 quacks in one week
163 Equal abortion rights for single women soon
164 Chinchwad hospital cheated by own staff
165 Reform chance for juvenile
January, 2017 166 All French citizens are now organ donors
167 Parents booked for grievously beating up 5 year old boy
168 Bangladesh court orders doctors to write legibly
169 HC: Hostile witness no cause to disbelieve cops
February, 2017 170 Accident victim dies as bystands film videos
171 Minors consent for sex is not tenable: Court
172 Doc, freed by Daesh, back home after 17 months
173 Woman put on pyre alive? Postmortems spin mystery
March, 2017 174 Has legal surrogacy for singles ended?
175 Garbhling nidanache mothe racket karyarat?
April, 2017 176 Drunk patient slashes KEM doc despite security
177 More put on death row fewer executed than in 2015
178 12 year old sexually assaults minor girl
179 Uterus transplant risky, raises ethical debate
May, 2017 180 Experts underline need to train docs in effective communication
181 Accused can be convicted if victim testimony trustworthy
182 Their crime brought a nation to the streets. Now, they’ll go to gallows
183 Accident tribunal awards Rs. 80L to Vadgaon – based teacher
June, 2017 184 Man kills waiter to fake own death for Rs. 4 Cr insurance claim
185 Six year old khadki boy drowns in swimming pool
186 4 Pune doctors, two nurses urge HC to quash criminal case against them
187 Insured can’t decide relevance of medical history info, rules court
July, 2017 188 HC acquits duo sentenced to life for murder 18 years ago
189 Bite marks on girl nail rapist, get him 20 years behind bars
190 Research scholar works as tutor, laments govt policy
191 No arrest in dowry cases till charges are verified, says SC
August, 2017 192 The use and abuse of 498A
193 Dean’s harsh diktats baffle hospital staff – Lata Mishra
194 Lakhs spent to spot worm disease that has a Rs.100/- pill cure
195 State looks at faster organ retrievals with new centres
196 HC convicts 3 for gang rape in two-decade-old case
September, 2017 197 Theft probe helps cops crack 3-yr-old murder mystery
198 Forensic dept to create DNA database of offenders soon
199 5 months after leaving Mum, Eman dies in Abu Dhabi hosp
200 9-year-old is HIV+ after blood transfusion
201 Search for a highly potent anti-snake venom
October, 2017 202 3 lakh doctors go on nationwide protest
203 Pariksha kendrat ata mobile japti
204 Sex with an underage wife is rape, rules SC
205 SC indicates it may recognize living will
November, 2017 206 Solapur woman will be first in India to get embryo transfer
207 Woman plunges to her death in elevator shaft
208 Australia madhe icha maranas parwanagi
209 Minor cancer survivor gang-raped in Lucknow
December, 2017 210 To gela pan tiche matrutva abhadit
211 New syllabus to sensitise MBBS students about gender equality
212 Avayav danat rajya dusre
213 Don’t want children to enter medical profession
214 70 to 80% doctors in Pune follow corrupt cut practice
January, 2018 215 Three yrs on, court rules accused is mentally challenged, acquits him
216 Khote Postemortem, Doctorwar Bandi
217 BJ la swayatatechi shifaras
218 1-year med bond for reserved students
219 Bond nakarnaryana karvaiche injection
February 2018 220 Drug abuse in schools, colleges worries police
221 Don’t judge a snake by its colour
222 Using late son’s semen, couple gets twin grandkids via IVF
March 2018 223 Doctors’ association aims to take organ donation awareness to societies’ doors
224 Hospitals without registered nurses may lose licences
225 3 cops held for assaulting docs at D Y Patil hosp
226 MBBS degree holders to undergo course to perform sonography
227 After 2 yrs in jail for rape, suspect gets bail as DNA does not match newborn’s
April 2018 228 Awayav danat pune aghadiwar
229 Doctor nabbed for sexually assaulting a patient at medical camp in KP hotel
230 Pay 2 lakh relief to man sent to mental hosp by judge: HC
231 No. of Indians who have pleadged their organs jumps from 9k to 15L in 2 years
232 No. of vakalatnmama in minors abuse cases
May 2018 233 Delhi govt likely to put a cap on hospital profits this week
234 HC lets girl abort beyond 20-wk limit
235 Panic erupts at NEET centers over strict dress code issued by CBSE.
236 Plan for smooth issuance of domicile certificates
237 Indian doctors in UK lobby to crap ‘rigid’ visa norms
June 2018 238 Sanshayit sonography kendrawar ata thevnar watch
239 Without a scratch on him, man dies three hours after collision with bus
240 Doctor turned pall-bearer for Nipah victims
241 Kondhwa Murder: Victim’s family finally accepts his decapitated body
July 2018 242 Insanity plea saves killer twice over
243 On day 1, SC sets rapid pace for hearing on Section 377
244 Doctor dies earlier than a normal citizen: IMA study
245 If ill-treated, elderly parents can take back property gifted to son, rules HC
246 Bill on death for rape of U-12 girl gets nod
August 2018 247 Security guard gets 10 years RI for rape
248 LS passes bill seeking death for rape of girls below 12
249 Youth held for raping girl after spiking her drink
250 Bill soon for death penalty in lynching cases, says Ahir
251 UP emerges new medical capital
September 2018 252 Adultery law against equality
253 Viscera report turns mishap to honour kill
October 2018 254 Court orders 53 yr old juvenile to clean hosp.
255 3000 docs get an ultimatum for not serving rural bond
November 2018 256 Murder is accidental death, give payout
257 Vaidyakiy parikshansathi dresscode
258 Brain dead woman’s heart benefits 36 year old farmer
December 2018 259 Hospital official, surgeon punished as 3 lose sight
260 Pimpritil doctorcha car apghatat mrutyu
January 2019 261 158 years on, adultery is no longer a criminal affair
262 City hospital, NGO sign MoU for better LGBTI healthcare
263 How our driving behavior reflects poorly on our city
February 2019 264 33-yr-old lodges case against wife, father-in-law for aborting child
265 Khoon jhaleli wyakti jivant hote tevha….
266 Why Google Doc is bad for your health
267 Reformed, parvati trio warns kids not to take crime path
March 2019 268 All you want to know about medical coding
269 Hriday Vikarachya Upcharansathi Chori
270 Mobile app to keep a check on fake doctors
271 Charity comm to act against fake IPF cases
April 2019 272 22-yr-old dives into 3ft pool dies of head &spinal injuries
273 She lived 99 years with most organs in with the wrong place
274 Police skip one IPC gang rape charge sheet
275 NOTTO to issue unique IDs for organ recipients now
May 2019 276 Husband seeks to void marriage over wife’s age
277 Brother jailed for killing his sister car ablaze
278 MMC suspends five docs for violations under PCPNDT Act
June 2019 279 Rape is a graver offence than murder: HC in Shakti Mills Case
280 Dev , daiv aani Doctor
281 Woman wants baby with estranged hubby
282 Aisa bartav hoga to kaun banana chahega Doctor
July 2019 283 Deshat 44% Doctor Tantanavache bali
284 Aarogysevet Maharashtra Tisra
285 Health ministry bill proposes scrapping of NEET-PG exam
286 Vrudh aslyamule shiksha kami keli jau shakat nahi
287 Death penalty of Pune BPO rape and murder convicts commuted to lifesentence
August 2019 288 Frame policy on compulsory rural service for doctors: SC
August 2019 387 Frame policy on compulsory rural service for doctors: SC
388 12 years on man fights for Rs.1.2 crore compensation for faculty hip implant
389 ‘Nivasi’ doctor’s yanchy samasy sodva.
390 Batlitale pani shuddh navhe, tr plastikmukt1
391 Doctoranchy jahirati karvainchy kachatyt
September 2019 392 Woman accuses docs of failed tubectomy.
393 Charges on 8 Doctors (Treated Myocardial infarction inspite of not having cardiology degree)
394 Accident that killed doc was avoidable
395 Man gets life term for throttling wife to death in 2017
October 2019 396 Brain-dead shirur driver’s organs benefit five patients
397 CM: Open category med seats will be restored
398 Charity comm to Aid free organ transplant for poor patients
399 Rape on Girl by poisoning her with sedatives.
November 2019 400 AP’s Cyanide Siva’ killed and robbed 10 in 2 years
401 Infant suffers burn injuries as X-ray machine malfunctions
402 Condition of Relation for Surrogacy may pose trouble.
403 4 doctors suspended for issuing false medical certificates.
December 2019 404 Man Kills wife, tries to pass it off as suicide.
405 UK lesbian couple create history with 2-womb baby.
406 Seven years after Delhi gang-rape, conviction rate in rape cases still low at 32 per cent.
407 Life OF Doctors is Decreasing
408 SC Sets 11-Points norm on medical negligenc
409 When the British System of Justice will be change in India
January 2020 410 In the country will be survey on attack on doctors
411 Panel recommends equal number of MBBS, PG seats
412 Stressed out PUBG addict succumbs to heart attack
413 It is wrong to file criminal cases on doctors based on negligence complaints only
414 Seat is increases for medical post graduate degree in this year
February 2020 415 Poetry slams help shape the voice of the next generation
416 Mutual trust is must in Doctor- Patient relationship
417 Central Cabinet approved to increase time limit for medical termination of pregnancy from 20 week to 24 weeks. This article discusses medical & legal aspect of the same
418 Medical Curriculum will have to be completed in sealing of 10 years
419 Pune region record highest number of organ donation for a month in January
March 2020 420 Court defers hanging ‘unit further notice’
421 Interviewed 142 rapists, no proof gallow deter rape
422 Ruby Hall asked to repay Rs. 4.5 lakh loan taken for patient’s treatment
March 2020 423 3 people, 21 facilities booked for selling bogus sanitizers, highly priced masks
424 It’s slog time as never before at Naidu, YCM
April 2020 425 As cops enforce masks in pune, docs echo risks
426 Doc rushes newborn on bike to hospital with icu saves him
427 Sassoon doc slaps plaint on patient for attacking her
428 More Indians across age groups have taken to writing a will
429 Seldom appreciated but this man works behind the scenes tirelessly2
May 2020 430 Maha. firm on capping hosp. charges, says display rates
431 Now, students can pursue 2 degrees simultaneously
432 Quarantine of 14 days for all those entering district
433 3 clinical trials for virus cure begin at Naidu
June 2020 434 Poor outlay reflects in public health system
435 Cops book man under culpable homicide for an accident case
436 Man turned away by 15 Hosps dies, another for want of a ventilator
437 Maha sees max decline in road deaths during lockdown
July 2020 438 Free cashless treatment up to Rs2.5 L for road mishap victims
439 People see god in docs today: Tope writes a heartfelt letter
440 In UP pet dog ‘alerts victim’ brother about double murder
441 Docs trained in virtual calls, patients in uploading reports
442 Why these rape survivors are studying to become lawyers
August 2020 443 IMA favours mandatory blood donation for cured
444 Care hub in PCMC limits took just 3 weeks to boost capacity
445 Region largest sero- survey of 5,000 citizens set to start in PCMC limits
446 Doc couple away from son for 5 mths
September 2020 447 How I went from being India’s ‘darling chef’ to ‘dirty lesbian’
448 PG med students to spend 3 months in dist hospitals
449 College begins at home with virtual lectures, downloaded books notes
450 Careful use of plasma has ‘ saved lives’ claim doctors
451 RS okays bill to shield docs & healthcare staff From attacks
October 2020 452 Two Ayurveda doctors get 10 yrs’ jail for death of pregnant women
453 UGC guidance to promote good research practices, curb plagiarism
455 3- year- old can’t answer question on rape, says HC
56 Man hits docs over Covid death, HC slaps Rs 1 L ‘fine’
457 34 out of 100 in PCMC limits have been exposed to virus
November 2020 458 Hospital launch halted by cops in shikrapur: 1 doctor booked
459 Youth dies of COVID, family cries foul
460 Pune’s hospitals to continue using Remdesivir for COVID
460 Task force set up in Maharashtra for vaccine distribution: CM
Dec 2020 461 HC: Doctors can’t guarantee treatment results to patients
462 Minor boy kills 16-year-old girl, absconds from village in khed
463 Cook gets 10-yr jail for sexual assault on HIV+ disabled minor
464 PCMC working towards COVID vaccine for free to all its citizens
465 Bail denied to doctor held guilty of medical negligence
466 Death penalty for atrocities against women
Jan 2021 467 Pune tops in organ donation
468 HC allows 27- Week pregnant minor to undergo abortion
469 Man kills his wife and tries to pass it off as an accident
470 In 2020, 50 people were convicted of sexual harassment
471 With 76% taking jab, Maha sees best vaccination day
Feb 2021 472 Twice-a-year, computerized NEET could be on the cards.
473 Now, fraudsters trick families of SGH patients.
474 YCMH asks police to claim decade-old viscera samples.
475 COVID Survivor turns saviour with 9th plasma donation.
March 2021 476 The Lieutenant General Advises Women to go beyond Gender Stereotypes
477 Does it actually costs government in crores to make an MBBS Doctor?
478 Doctors can’t be convicted unless very high degree of negligence
479 No insurance claim if death due to alcohol consumption
480 Cops Tell Parents to Monitor smartphone use among kids
April 2021 481 Single dad freed in sex case as 11-yr-old recants / Accused hired no lawyer, fought alone
482 The Doctor-Patient relationship should be strengthened
483 Hit-&-run turns out to be well-planned murder case
484 HC: Medical professional can’t be prosecuted if no gross negligence
May 2021 485 Man kills wife and son; later hangs self
486 Pune tops among Indian cities in health infrastructure audit
487 The pre-arrest land of the father-in-law's congregation, which was plotting death, was rejected
488 Ensuring a dignified end to the abandoned
June 2021 489 Cop booked for assaulting doc at PMC Covid centre
490 Doctors advising newbies against joining MBBS
491 Discussion of 'Magnetic Man' in Nashik
492 Form special police cell for medical negligence, suggests Bombay HC
July 2021 493 NMC: Medicos to intern at institute they graduate from
494 डॉक्टर कि वेठबिगार?
495 Doctors worried about mandatory AYUSH training for interns
August 2021 496 Man kills wife since he didn’t get food on time
497 Hospital owner almost loses plot in Bavdhan land grab case
498 त्रास देणे हा आत्महत्येस प्रवृत्त केल्याचा गुन्हा नाही
499 Using woman’s body part to mimic sex act is rape: HC
September 2021 500 NEXT will ensure new breed of talented doctors
501 Do perfect grades in MBBS make a perfect doctor
502 Big boost for organ donation numbers if small-town hospitals join noble cause
503 मूत्रपिंड नव्हे, व्यक्ती गुन्हेगार असतो : केरळ उच्च न्यायालय
504 दोन्ही पाय गमावले, पण जिद्द हरली नाही
October, 2021 505 शवविच्छेदन... तपासाचे दिशादर्शन
506 Snake a murder weapon, says SC, denies bail to man
507 Abortion limit raised from 20 to 24 weeks
508 Medical board to give opinion for MTP beyond 24 wks
509 Apollo Hospital asked to pay Rs 15 L compensation & waive Rs 25L
November, 2021 510 110 pvt hospitals sans fire audits in Pimpri- Chinchwad
511 Midair emergency sees union minister return to doctor’s role
512 स्पर्श नव्हे, हेतू महत्वाचा
November, 2021 513 रुग्न हक्कांची सनद दर्शनी भागात लावा
514 SC says doctor can’t be always blamed for medical negligence
December, 2021 515 गर्भपात प्रकरणी डॉक्टरला अटक
516 Can’t file consumer complaint against govt. doctors: SC
517 ‘Friend of other sex not to satisfy lust’; man jailed 10 yrs for rape
518 Online dating misfires, 3 youths gangrape girl
519 जुन्या आजारांवरील उपचारांचाही परतावा
January, 2022 520 Driver gets 190 yrs jail for crash that killed 22
521 Med records private, can’t be used to prove adultery: HC
522 आपत्कालीन सेवेमुळे गर्भवतींना जीवदान
523 Toxic gas spread kills six in Surat, 23 fighting for life
524 Cannabis Compounds Prevented Covid Infection in Laboratory Study
February, 2022 525 HC says man guilty of killing 4-yr-old can be reformed, spares gallows
526 AIIMS DNA database to track unidentified bodies
527 Omnibus dowry allegations don’t merit prosecution: SC
528 SC: Ossification test to decide age not infallible
529 Court fines doctors Rs. 5,000 for poor handwriting
March, 2022 530 Survivor turns hostile, court jails rapist on med evidence
531 TN govt docs need not alert cops on abortion
532 Call for safe options for women to abort fetus
533 FMGE and NEXT could be a bigger challenge for students with foreign degrees
534 Language should not be a barrier to Medical Education
April, 2022 535 २४ आठवड्यानंतरही गर्भपातास परवानगी
536 ‘Guilty’ of negligence for death of constable’s wife, doctor absconds
537 Save Medical Education from Ghost Faculty & Patients
538 Doctors Being crushed from all sides, if they break down, our health structure will break apart
539 SC relief to foreign MBBS pupils hit by Pandemic
May, 2022 540 AG’s ‘organ racket’ jibe upsets docs
541 MBBS students must complete internship in same institute now
542 Defensive Medicine = Doctors Protecting Themselves
543 Should NEET PG 2022 exam be held as per schedule
544 Couple moves HC for relief to break surrogacy ‘logjam’
June, 2022 545 Consider convict’s conduct before & after crime while awarding death: SC
546 Death certificate to have surviving spouse’s name
547 Cow sexually assaulted by a 22-year-old youth
548 No rules notified yet for Mental Health Act 2017
549 Merchant navy officer acquitted in rape case
July, 2022 550 Murder accused hoodwinks court for 2 yrs. with medical certificates
551 Pig hearts for the deceased
552 Meet the doc fighting to make abortion laws more women-friendly
553 CBI busts scam to rig NEET-UG exam, 8 held
554 Quack booked, meds seized
August, 2022 555 सावध राजा, सावध रे; नाहीतर चावेल घोणस रे!
556 केवळ वासामुळे मद्यप्राशन सिद्ध होत नाही
557 Pre and Para medical NEET PG seats to become more clinically oriented
558 Pune docs perform complex dual heart-lung transplant
559 Law’s Clear: SC Can Revoke Remission Orders
September, 2022 560 Ukraine returned students can take transfer to Russian colleges post NMC’s approval
561 Mahim doc exonerated after 21-year-long battle
562 चुकीच्या शस्रक्रियेमुळे मुलाचा मृत्यू; १ कोटीची भरपाई द्या
563 Consent to surgery does not extend to doc’s negligence: HC
564 2nd autopsy finds tribal woman death suspicious
October, 2022 565 रॅगिंग टाळण्यासाठी विद्यार्थांशी संवाद
566 देश में पहली बार डबल शिफ्ट में मेडिकल कि पढाई, भोपाल जीएमसी से शुरुआत, दोगुने डॉक्टर मिलेंगे
567 सुट्टीलाही विनापरवानगी मुख्यालय का सोडू नये !
568 Health dept and cops on toes against illegal abortion centres

November, 2022


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It starts with domestic abuse, speak up: Experts

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Man tries to show wife’s murder as suicide, held


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अखेर ८ महिन्यांचा गर्भ पाडण्याची परवानगी.


पाच महिने विद्यार्थिनी बनून महिला पोलिसाने लावला रॅगिंगचा छडा


१४ मेडिकल काउन्सिलवर सीबीआयची 'शस्रक्रिया '

January, 2023


प्रेयसीबरोबर राहण्यासाठी मित्राचा क्रूर खून


Mishap victim’s dad gets justice after 6 yrs


डॉक्टर संप का करतात ?


Minor boy beheaded in human sacrifice ritual, body chopped into parts, 3 held


‘इच्छामरण’च्या तत्त्वांत बदल होणार




ऐकलेत का? नोकरीसाठी ५०० जणींनी केला गर्भपात !


आज की नारी, अवयवदानात लय भारी!


बेकायदा पॅथलॅबवर कारवाई कधी !


‘Drunk man’ missing, India’s oldest stopped 70 yrs on


Climate change, effects to be part of med school syllabus

March, 2023


Doctors cannot be held negligent if treatment or surgery goes wrong: HC


Patient undergoes Robotic Circumcision, refuses to pay surgeon.


रॅगिंगमुळे विद्यार्थिनीने संपवले जीवन, नेटकरी संतापले


चार्जिंग सुरू असताना बोलले; डोक्याची उडाली शकले


आता ठशांची जिवंतता ओळखता येणार

April, 2023


Cops, docs in legal tangle as family of Betul murder victim donates organs, eyes


HC overrides legalities, lets 13-yr-old decide on custody


कॉल रेकॉर्ड करणे हा गुन्हाच : कोर्ट


How will India’s first free medical college work?


व्यवस्था सर्वोत्तम होणे शक्य

May, 2023


मुलाच्या मृत्यूचा बदला; सात जणांचा घेतला बळी


Rly cop gets Rs. 10L payout in 16-yr-old med negligence case


Lunch box slip-up costs wife her life; man held


'क्राईम शो' पाहून ३ मुलांनी केली १२ वर्षीय मित्राची हत्या


New doc registration rules could fix some old issues but raise new ones

June, 2023


No Women is safe in city


Fingerprints scan via software nails criminals in matter of hrs.


National medical council to stop supplementary batches for MBBS


NMC introduces a 9-year cap to finish MBBS


NMC ignores minimum requirement of 50% in PCB for MBBS in GMER-23

July, 2023


नवे डॉक्टर 'कॉर्पोरेट' रुग्णालयांच्या वाटेवर


Why NMC regulation on student migration will control ‘backdoor’ entries


SC sets 11-point norm on medical negligence


Protocol for Initial Management of Snakebite at Health Facilities (PHC/CHC)


One-year jail for peeping at woman inside bathroom

August, 2023


‘Denying sex is cruelty under Hindu Marriage Act, not IPC’


Abortion not a fundamental right nor a vested right: HC


Watchman was acquitted as planting of semen appeared probable: Judge


'त्या' तुटलेल्या इंडिकेटरच्या दुचाकीवरून लागला सुगावा


Doctors can refuse treatment to abusive, violent patients: NMC




Why engineers and doctors will continue to dominate UPSC


Seven yrs on, tattoo on arm helps arrest murder accused.


Beat the stress, life isn’t bad; medical student learn to cope