Integration of Radiology and Anatomy.

Following additional lectures have been included

Resolution no – AC 22(ii)-17 It was resolved that the introduction of Sectional Anatomy and Sonographic Anatomic, an Integrated approach towards Radiology and Imagining Sciences in first year in the Subject of Anatomy UG curriculum be approved with effect from the Academic Year 2017-18 and recommended to the Board of Management for its approval.

Topics Anatomy with radiology and Imagining in integrated teaching: Topic Faculty Hours Session
1 Introduction to imaging modalities Radiology 1 Theory
2 Introduction to cross sectional anatomy Anatomy 1 Theory
3 Sectional anatomy of upper limb Anatomy 1 Practical
4 Sectional anatomy of lower limb Anatomy 1 Practical
5 Imaging of anatomy of extremities Anatomy 1 Practical
6 Sectional anatomy of thorax, abdomen Anatomy 1 Practical
7 Imaging modalities of thorax and abdomen Radiology 1 Theory
8 Introduction to Sono anatomy Radiology 1 Theory
9 Sectional anatomy of Brain Anatomy 1 Practical
10 Sectional Anatomy of neck and face Anatomy 1 Practical
11 Normal USG anatomy of abdomen and pelvis Radiology 1 Practical

All these hours will be adjusted in existing teaching hours after rescheduling of lectures and practical sessions