Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology


Major Equipments

Name of the Equipment
(A) General
Speculums and retractors
EA + ECC sets
Cytology bottle
MR Syringes
Cryo/electro cautery apparatus
Simple fetal Doppler
NST machine
Stitch removal sets
Dressing sets
Ultrasound machine
Weighing machine
Height scale
View box
Digital/ Electronic Blood Pressure apparatus, measuring tapes, gloves, syringes needles, torch
Resuscitation tray (Laryngoscope, ET tube, Ambu bag, suction catheter)
Suction machine
Hysterosalphigogram Cannula
PCT forceps
Ayer’s spatula
(B) Main Operation Theatre
Abdominal Hysterectomy set (Artery forceps, scissors, scalpel, Allis’s kelly’s clamp, Babcock forceps, thumb forceps, Harington & Richardson retractors
Vaginal Hysterectomy set
Scalpel, scissors, metal catheter, Sim’s, Speculum volsellum, Kelly’s clamps, right angle retractor, arteries, Allis, uterine sound, bladder sound.
Tuboplasty set
Myomectomy instruments (Myoma screw, Boney’s clamp) 1
Diagnostic laparoscopy set 1
Operating laparoscopy set including one with HD with all accessories & han instruments.
Laparocator for tubal ligation/ Insuffator basic unit
Operative Hysteroscopy set
Electronic Carbondioxideinsuffator/ Insuffator basic
Resectoscope 1
Hysteromat 1
Operative microscope
(C) Labour Room
Delivery sets
Digital/ Electronic B.P. Apparatus
Weighing machine
Fetal Doppler
Cardiotocogram machine
Portable ultrasound
High suction machine
Resuscitation tray
(D) Special Equipment
Oxytocin infusion pumps
Multichannel monitors
(E) Teaching Set
Doll and Dummy
Female Pelvis
Gross specimens
X0ray/US films
View box
Multimedia Projector with Screen
Set of instruments for teaching purpose
(F) Minor Operation Theatre
Cervical biopsy
D&C set
IUCD insertion/removal set 7
High suction machine 2
Resuscitation tray 1
E.B. set 4
Operation Theatre table, Operation Theatre lights, Central O2 and suction
(G) Maternity Operation Theatre
Set for LSCS
D&C set
MTP set
High suction machine
Cervical exploration set
Uterine packing forceps
Abdominal hysterectomy set
Diagnostic laparoscopy set
Postpartum ligation
Outlet forceps
Low mid cavity forceps/Keilland forceps
Vacuum Extractor and suction machine
Resuscitation tray
Infusion Pump
EB set 3
Laparocator for tubal ligation 1
Operation Theatre table, Operation Theatre lights, Central O2 and suction
(H) Wards
Blood Pressure Apparatus (Digital/Electronic)
Weighing machine
Height scale
Speculum and retractors
Suture removal sets
Dressing sets
Cutdown sets
CTG machine
Suction machine
Resuscitation tray
X ray View box
Central O2 and suction
I) Special Equipment
Ultrasound machine with Doppler/Vaginal probe/facilities for Interventional procedure 1
Oxytocin infusion pumps
Multichannel Monitor with ECG, BP, HR, Pulse oximeter for high risk pregnant patients (eclampsia, heart diseases etc.)
Fetal Monitor for Antepartum Surveillanc
Multimedia Projector with Screen
J) Necessary Equipment As Per MCI Norms Are Available For Following Investigation-
Urine Exam
Semen Analyses
Sugar Test
Electrolyte Test
BUN & Sr. Creatinine
Urine albumin, Creatinine
ABO Rh Typing
Blood Gas Analyzer
Semen Wash
FSH, LH, Prolactin
Testosterone & DHEAS
Thallasemia Study
Culture Facilities
Sr. Bheg, Estrol, AFP, Sr. Blutamase Test
Chlamydia Test & other Reproductive Tract Testing (ART)
Cytology Lab. - Cytology, Chromosome
Study PCR STUDY - Genetic Lab.
Blood Bank Facilities
Coagulation Profile (FDP)
Cryo - Preservation
Viral Markers for hepatitis studies
PCR for Tuberculosis