Dr.  Karwa
Dr. Agarkhedkar
OPD Services
Sr. No. Day/ Timings Unit Incharge
1 Monday/ 9am to 1pm & 2pm to 4pm Unit 1
2 Tuesday / 9am to 1pm &2pm to 4pm Unit 2
3 Wednesday / 9am to 1pm &2pm to 4pm Unit 3
4 Thursday / 9am to 1pm &2pm to 4pm Unit 4
5 Friday / 9am to 1pm &2pm to 4pm Unit 1
6 Saturday / 9am to 1pm Unit 2/3/4 by rotation
7 Sunday Unit 2/3/4 by rotation


Unit Name of Faculty Designation
I Dr. S.R.Agarkhedkar Prof & HOD
Dr. Sampada Tambolkar Professor
Dr. Shiji Chalipat Asso. Professor
Dr. Shilpa Baviskar Asst. Professor
Dr. Prasad Senior Resident
Dr. Sindhura Senior Resident
II Dr. Pramod Jog Professor & HOU
Dr. Manoj Patil Asso. Professor
Dr. Harpreet A Singh Asst. Professor
Dr. Priyanka Senior Resident
III Dr. Vineeta Pande Professor & HOU
Dr. Pramila Menon Asst. Professor
Dr. Rasika Bharaswadkar Asst. Professor
Dr. Mosam Maroo Senior Resident
IV Dr. Shailaja Mane Professor & HOU
Dr. Sanjay Chavan Professor
Dr. Balkrushna Garud Asst. Professor
Dr. Manas Nayak Senior Resident
PNC/NICU Dr. Sudhir Malwade Professor
Dr.Shradha Salunkhe Asso. Professor
Dr.Devika Jadhav Asst. Professor
Dr. Manas Nayak Senior Resident
PICU Dr. Manoj Patil Asso. Professor
Dr. Shilpa Baviskar Asst. Professor
Dr. Harpreet A Singh Asst. Professor

Dr. Renuka Jadhav to look after Super speciality OPDs, PG Teaching & Co-ordination & Administrative responsibilities.

Services offered in OPD Services
Routine check up in the OPD

Routine check up in the OPD

Play room therapy

Play room therapy

  • General Pediatrics
  • Vaccination
  • Developmental and Behavioural pediatrics
  • Well baby Clinic
  • High risk follow up clinic
  • Neonatology
  • Pediatric Nutrition
  • Pediatric Endocrinology
  • Pediatric Neurology
  • Pediatric Pulmonology
  • Pediatric Allergy
  • Pediatric Hematology
  • Pediatric Cardiology
  • Pediatric Nephrology
  • Pediatric Gastroenterology
  • Adolescent Health
  • Lactation Clinic
  • Human Milk Bank
Other special feature
36 clinical trials completed.
In-patient services
NICU : 18 beded
Incubator care

Incubator care

Transport incubator

Transport Incubator

Servo controlled warmers with phototherapy

Servo controlled warmers
with phototherapy

  • Air conditioned
  • Servo controlled warmer care
  • Incubator care
  • Ventillatory care – Dragger
  • Bubble CPAP facility
  • Nasal CPAP facility
  • Multifunction monitor
  • Pulse oximeter
  • Double and single surface phototherapy
  • Central oxygen, suction
  • Air sterilizer
  • Clean and septic nursery
  • Breast feeding room
  • Syringe infusion pump
  • Drip infusion pump
  • 24 hour lab,x-ray, sonography, CT scan, MRI, EEG backup
  • Digital weighing machine
  • Echo by paediatric cardiologist
  • ROP Screening
  • Facility of neonatal surgeries like diaphragmatic hernia, pyloric stenosis, shunt surgery for hydrocephalus etc.
  • Kangaroo mother care
  • ABG Facility
  • Special procedures like surfactant therapy, lumbar puncture, liver biopsy, exchange transfusion, intubation and ventilation, etc.
  • Transport incubator facility
PICU : 12 beded
Ventilator Facility in PICU


Bone marrow biopsy procedure in PICU

Bone Marrow Biopsy procedure in PICU

  • Air conditioned
  • Servo ventilator
  • Oxygen & suction central supply
  • Multipara moniter
  • Digital BP manometer
  • Pulse oxymeter
  • Syring pump / Infusion Pump
  • Digital weighing machine
  • Portable x-ray, sonography, M.R.I. C.T. facilities
  • Defibrillator
  • Echocardiography
  • ABG facility
  • Post operative surgical care(Peritoneal dialysis, CAPD )
  • Paedriatic endoscopy
  • Peritoneal Dialysis
  • Special procedures like liver biopsy, bone marrow aspiration and biopsy, kidney biopsy etc.

  • 160 Beds available
  • Oxygen & Suction Central
  • Nebulizer facility
  • Multipara monitor
  • Pulse oximeter
  • 24hrs x – ray, lab, USG, facility
  • 24hrs CT scan, M.R.I. facility
  • Echo by Paediatric Cardiologist
  • Playroom facility
  • Paediatric surgery facility
  • EEG facility available, Video EEG
  • All national health programmers for paediatric population carried out. For example:- PPTCT, RNTCP, BPNI, VIT, A PROPHYLAX, supplementary nutrition programme, school health surveys etc.
  • Vitamin A prophylaxis
  • De-worming supplementation
  • Iron, Calcium, multivitamin supplementation
  • Special procedures:- pleural tapping, peritoneal tapping, lumbar puncture, dressing, incision and drainage, bladder catherization, iv cannulation etc.
  • Nutrition Rehabilitation Center Facility of balanced
  • diet free of cost under the supervision of dietician.

PNC Ward

PNC Ward

  • Exclusive breast feeding with rooming in
  • Baby friendly hospital initiative
  • PPTCT programme
  • Kangaroo care
  • All immunization including optional and newer vaccines
  • Balanced diet for mother free cost.
  • ROP Screening
Human milk bank (YASHODA)
  • This is first “Human Milk Bank” in Pimpri Chinchwad Corporation area and in Private institution.
  • Mothers voluntarily donate milk which is screened, pasteurised and stored.
  • Human milk is provided to the newborns and infants whose mothers either not able to feed or they are not available
  • It is given free of cost
  • Equipments were funded by Rotary Club
  • Guest lecture By Dr. Anne Grovslien ,Manager,

Human Milk Banking Oslo University was organized.

Casuality / ER -

24 hours

Other services / Speciality Clinics

Specialized OPD’s (Timings : 10:00 to 1 : 00pm) & 2:00 pm to 4:00pm

Sr.No Day OPDSpeciality Consultant
1 Monday/Thrusday Pediatric Endocrinology (10-1pm) Dr. Supriya
2 Tuesday/ Thursday Paediatric Cardiology (2-4pm) Dr. Santosh Joshi,
3 Wednesday/ Friday Paediatric Pulmonology (10-1pm) Dr. VineetaPande, Dr. Shashank Kadam
4 Tuesday Paediatric Nephrology (10 - 1pm) Dr. Manoj Matnani
5 Thursday Adolescent Clinic (2-4 pm) Dr. Shailaja Mane
6 Monday /Thursday Developmental OPD Dr. Shardha Salunkhe
7 Monday / Thursday Paediatric Neurology (10-1pm) Dr. Shiji, Dr. Rasika Dr. Vishwanath Kulkarni
8 Thursday Paed. Gastroenterology (2-4pm) Dr. Vishnu Biradar
9 Wednesday High Risk OPD (2-4pm) Dr. SudhirMalwade
10 Wednesday / Friday Hemat-oncology (2-4pm) Dr.Sarita Kokane

Immunization OPD

Immunization OPD

Clinical Trial Room

Clinical Trial Room