Research Outcomes

Research Summary

Sr. No. Name of the Project and Duration Name of Teachers Amount of seed money provided

(INR in Lakhs)

Sanctioned Year
1. SURGICAL SKILL ASSESSMENT OF Post graduatwe student by ICO OSCAR Tool Dr R. Maheshgauri Self funded 6 month
2. Epidemiological profile of Vernal keratoconjunctivitis (VKC) in patients attending OPD at a tertiary eye care centre in Western India Dr.O.K. Radhakrishnan 3,00000 1st June 2014 to 31st May 2015
3. Effect of television viewing in visual acuity in school going children Dr. Rupali Maheshgauri 20000 1st June 2014 to 31st May 2015
4. To study the prevalence of uncorrected refractive error & othe ocular morbid conditions in school going cjildre in pune district DR Prachi Bakare In the form of spectacles& eye checkup van 2018
5. Identification of barriers associatd with diabetic retinopathy screening in known diabetic in rural and urban area Dr Prachi Bakare Ms Sejal sethia 10,000 2018
6. CO relation of Vit D and diabetic Retinopathy changes DR Prachi Bakre 2018
7. Perfecting Refraction Services In India with Superior Service Model Dr Parikshit Gogate 2019

List of PhD Students

Sr. No. Name of the Faculty Title of the Research Topic Name of the Research Student Date of enrolment of the Research Student
1. Dr R Magdum Role of OCT compared to FFA in diabetic macular edema Vishal Madan 2011
2. Dr R Magdum Informed Consent Dr. S. Agarkhedkar 2014
3. Dr. R. Magdum Study of visual acuity, color vision, stereoacuity and amplitude 0f accommodation of school going children 6-12 years in selected rural and urban areas of pune district Dr. Sushmita Banerjee 8.01.2018
4. Dr. O.K. Radhakrishnan Occurance of early presbyopia in of HIV infected Patient with and without ART Dr. Neeta Mishra 17.05.2015 Completed PhD in 9.03.2018

List of ICMR – STS Research projects sanctioned

Sr. No. Name of The Project Investigators Name Of The Guide Year Of Award Duration Of The Project Funding Agency Total Amount Of Funds Received
1. Study of incidence of Diabetic retinopathy in patients with Type 2 diabetes mellitus and Ischemic heart disease Ms Madhuri Sarkar Dr O K Radhakrishnan 1Year 2014 ICMR 10000
2. Does good doctor patient communication results in better patient satisfaction in eye : a rural & urban population based survey Ms Shreya Sarogi Dr K Bhatnagar 1Year 2014 ICMR 10000
3. Visual assessment of children with poor performance in school & those with ADHD Ms Shradha Yadav Dr R Paranjpe 1 Year 2015 ICMR 10000
4. Evaluation of systemic conditions in patients undergoing cataract surgery Name of Guide:-Dr K Sandhya Ms Asavari Deo Dr K Sandhya 1 Year 2015 ICMR 10000
5. Study of learning curve and complications among trainee ophthalmologists in manual small incision cataract surgery Mr.Prashant Varma Dr.R.Magdum 1 Year 2015 ICMR 10000
6. Microbiology of dacryocystitis Ms. Saloni Garg Dr.A.Gahlot 1 Year 2015 ICMR 10000
7. Prevalence of xeropthalmia and coverage of Vitamin A prophylaxis programme in slums of rural and urban communities amongst children less than 6 years of age Mr. Salmaan Shaikh Dr.R.Paranjpe 1 Year 2015 ICMR 10000
8. A study of ocular diseases in paediatric patients, attending the Ophthalmology department in a tertiary hospital. Dr K Sandhya Anubhuti Dey 1 Year 2016 ICMR 10000
9. Comparison of prevalence of ocular morbidity in students of government and private schools Dr Abha Gahlot Pranjali Nibe 1 Year 2016 ICMR 10000
10. ROP screening in premature babies Miss Ruchi Kag Dr.Parag Apte 1 Year 2018 ICMR 10000