Conferences/CME/Workshop organized

Conferences/CME/Workshop organized

Sr. No. Title Date Guest Speaker No. of Delegates Attended
1 “Gender and women’s health” 21st March, 2014 Dr Carol Vlassoff University of Ottawa,Canada
2 Research Methodology Workshop, as a part of the Pre PhD course, 4th to 10th August 2014. Dr Seema Patrikar and Mr D Basannar from AFMC 20 Twenty research scholars
3 CME on Women Health & Empowerment: Lessons from Satara 27/04/2015 Dr. Swapnil Lale, Assistant Director,Leprosy, Satara Dr. Shobha Rao, Adviser, NIH, USA Dr. Carol Vlassoff, Department of Epidemiology,University of Ottawa,Canada 52
4 Workshop on Mind Education Programme 5th March 2016 Mr.SeoMin Woo (IMEI Pune director) and Mr.Swapnil kadam 250
5 International CME on public Health Programme 2nd April 2016 Surindra Rajbhat University, Thiland)
6 Workshop on Research Writing. 18th and 19th July 2016 Surindra Rajabhat University, Thailand
7 Hands-on Statistics Workshop 9-10 April 2018 35
8 Workshop on “Measles/Rubella campaign 20th Oct. 2018 Dr. Chetan Khade, Polio Surveillance Officer at WHO 20
9 CME GIS mapping in health care 03 Dec 2018. Col Rajneesh Joshi, MD, PhD from AFMC Pune expert in Geoinformatics Mr Ashutosh.
10 Manuscript Writing Workshop 02 April 2019 Mr Yateendra Joshi, the only Indian certified by the Board of Editors USA 200
11 Joint PG seminar(CME) 21st Jan 2020 Dr. Chetan Khade (SMO) from WHO 50
12 Synopsis writing 30/5/22 – 1/6/22 PSM Dept. 109
13 Manuscript writing Workshop 10/6/22 Ms Mamta Java 137
14 Hands on Workshop on Sample Size calculations and Sampling Techniques 23/11/21 Dr. A. Banerjee, Dr S L Jadhav, Dr.Hetal Rathod, Dr. Kajal Srivastava Dr.Chaitali Borgaonkar and Dr. Sheetal Patil. 45
15 Workshop on Qualitative Research and Data Analysis 23/1/21, 30/1/21, 3/2/21 Dr. Swapnil Gadhave Dr. Shirish Darak 21
16 Training Programme on Mosquito-borne diseases and advances in vector surveillance for 2 nd MBBS students 5/8/21 Dr.Rina Tilak 78
17 CME on Introduction of newer vaccination in the National Immunization Programme, Adverse Events Following Immunization and Surveillance of vaccine preventable diseases. 25/8/21 Dr.Chetan Khade 19
18 Pre-PhD Course in Research Methodology 5/4/21 – 10/4/21 Dr J S Bhawalkar, Dr. A.Banerjee, Dr S L Jadhav, Dr. A.L.Kakrani ,Dr A V Tilak, Dr Hetal Rathod, Dr Swati Ghonge, DrKajal Srivastava and Dr.Sadhana 39

Workshop/Conference organized in the College/Institute by the Departments (1st July 2020 to 30th June 2021)

Sr .no Title Date Organizing Department/ Chairperson/Secretary No. of Delegates Attended
1 workshop on Virtual Hands-on workshopon Meta-Analysis 21 & 22 / 07 /2020 PSM 600
2 International webinar on What’s the value in P- Values? 25 /8/2020 PSM 1000
3 CISP Orientation 26/10/2020 MEU 22
4 MCI Curriculum innovation Support (CISP II ) Workshop 24/09/2020 to 25/09/2020 MEU 30
5 Qualitative research and data analysis’ workshop 1-3/07/2021 PSM 25
7 Pre- PHD Course Research Methodology 5-10 /04/2021 PSM & MEU 39

Workshop/Conference organized in the College/Institute by the Departments (1st August 2022 to 31st July 2023)

Sr. no. Title Date Name of Resource Person No. of Delegates Attended
1 Pre-phd Course in Research Methodology Workshop 14/11/2022-19/11/2022 nil 40
2 Hands on Workshop on sample size calculations and sampling technique 19-04-2023 nil 39
3 Hands on Workshop on sample size calculations and sampling technique 24-05-2023 nil 39

Guest Lecture organized in the College/Institute by the Departments (1st August 2022 to 31st July 2023)

Sr. No. Title Date Name of Guest No. of Delegates Attended
1 “Public Health as cornerstone for health” 28th Oct 2022 Prof. VinodDiwan, Karolinska Institute, Sweden 20
2 Pre -PhD course on Research Methodology 14-19 November 2022 Dr.A.Banerjee, Dr S L Jadhav, Dr.A.L.Kakrani, Dr HetalRathod, Dr Swati Ghonge, Dr.Sarika, DrKajalSrivastava, Dr.ChaitaliBorgoankar, Dr.SadhanaLakhute. During the valedictory Prof N J Pawar, Vice Chancellor 60
5 ‘Critical appraisal of published research’ 4th July 2023. Dr. Rita, Ph.D, Clinical Associate professor 42