MD (Dissertation):
Sr.No. Name of project Principal Investigator Guide Year
1. Evaluation of Dots in field practice area of Padm. Dr.D.Y.Patil Medical college Pimpri Pune-18 Dr. B. S.Lanjewar Dr. J. S.Bhawalkar 2014
2. Study of stigma faced by psychiatric patients VIS-À-VIS with somatic disorders Dr. Abhishek Mahajan Dr. A.Banerjee 2015
3. A comparative study of Medico-social profile of inmates in blind school and ashram school Dr. Madhur Raimule Dr. J. S.Bhawalkar 2015
4. Community Best Study of Health status geriatric population with special reference to dementia Dr. Atul V.Desale Dr. Vandana Kakrani 2016
5. A study of some epidemiological factor of diabetes militias in Urban field practice area Dr. Saumitra Sinha Dr.J.S.Bhawalkar 2017
6. Evaluation of Biomedical waste management practices in multi specialty hospital Dr. Vishal Rathod Dr.J.S.Bhawalkar 2015
7. Self medication practices in rural field practice area Dr. Charushila patil Dr.J.S.Bhawalkar 2016
8. Evaluation of janani suraksha yojana in rural field practice area of a medical college Dr. Pratapsingh Sarnikar Dr. S. L.Jadhav 2016
9. To study of icds services provided through anganwadi workers under pimpri chinchwad municipal corporation Dr. Baliram Gadhave Dr. U.B.Chitnis 2016
10. Factors affecting obesity in school children and impact of obesity form their quality of life. Dr. Tarun Sharma Dr. H. Rathod 2016
11. A study of growth lag in rural under fives using mixed method approach. Dr. Shweta Gangurde Dr Sudhir L Jadhav 2018
12. Case Based surveillance of Measles-Rubella(MR) in Urban Dr. Biswajit Chaklader Dr. Amitav Banerjee 2019
Ongoing PG Disseration (1st July 2020 to 30th June 2021):
Sr. No. Student name Spcialization Topic of Synopsis Name of Guide
1 Dr.Biswajith Chaklader MD Case based surveillance of Measles-Rubella in Municipal Corporation area (PMC) Dr Amitav Banerjee
2 Dr. Nirankush Borah MD Barriers to rehabilitation post coronary artery by-pass grafting Dr. J.S.Bhawalkar
3 Dr. Gracia Marb Anderson Sohkhlet MD Challenges faced by stroke patients and their caretakers during rehabilitation Dr. Amitav Banerjee
4 Dr. Deepu Palal MD Out of pocket expenditure on health care among households in urben and rural field practice area of a medical college in western Maharashtra- A mixed methods studey Dr. Sudhir L. Jadhav
5 Dr. Prerna Verma MD Coverage, delays and implementation challenges of ‘Direct benefit transfer’ in the national tuberculosis elimination programme- a mixed methods study Dr. Sudhir L. Jadhav
6 Dr. Vallari Jadhav MD Treatment adherence and determinants of adherence in adult type 2 diabetes mellitus(T2 DM ) in urban area- A community based mixed method study Dr. Hetal Rathod
7 Dr. Kavita Thakur MD Effect of introducing spatial technology training on Undergraduate medical students for surveillance of vectors of Malaria and other mosquito borne diseases  Dr. D.T.Khedkar
8 Dr. Johnson.s MD Determinants of time lag in reporting to hospital among stroke patients in a tertiary care hospital Dr. Kajal Shrivastava
9 Dr. Sandeep Nallapu MD Prevalence of mental disorders during COVID-19 pandemic: A Community based study Dr. Swati Ghonge
Ongoing PG Disseration(1st August 2022 to 31st July 2023)
1 Dr. Akhila BS Community Medicine Teachers’ perception of dyslexia among school aged children – A mixed method study Dr. Amitav Banerjee
2 Dr. ShubhamJagannathShivale Community Medicine Tobacco use and its determinants among adolescent - A mixed method study Dr. HetalRathod
3 Dr. Gayatri R Nair Community Medicine Role of Neck Circumference (NC) as a screening tool for obesity in Female Adults - A Cross Sectional Study in Western Maharashtra Dr. SL Jadhav
4 Dr. Akash Nagar Community Medicine Barriers in diagnosis of cancer-A cross sectional study Dr. J.S. Bhawalkar
5 Dr. Akhil R Community Medicine Quality of life among primary caregivers of palliative patients in western Maharashtra - a mixed method study Dr. KajalSrivastava
6 Dr. DivyaMadamanchi Community Medicine Prevalence of STI/RTI in adults using syndromic approach and treatment seeking behaviour - A mixed method study Dr. HetalRathod
8 Dr. Sai Mahesh Vajjla Community Medicine Internet addiction and sleep quality among medical college students in western Maharashtra – A Descriptive study. Dr. Swati Ghonge
9 Dr. R. Praveen
Community Medicine Food handling practices of street food vendors in a city of Western Maharashtra Dr. HetalRathod
10 Dr. RohonSaha Community Medicine Adherence to iron and folic acid supplement and factors affecting adherence during pregnancy Dr. J.S. Bhawalkar
11 Dr. S Della Sharma Community Medicine Cross sectional study on Domestic violence among working married women of reproductive age group in Pune Dr. Swati Ghonge
12 Dr. Ram Prakash .B.U. Community Medicine Substance Abuse Among Patients Attending De-Addiction Centres in Pune and Challenges Faced by Care Providers - A Mixed Method Study Dr. KajalSrivastava
DPH (Projects) :-
To study to assess the sexual health evaluate the effect of imparting sex health knowledge to a Jr. College of urban area Dr. Jayant Kalkute Dr. U. B. Chitnis 2014
Study of Gender preference amongst ANC Visiting Padm. Dr. D. Y. Patil Medical College Pimpri Pune. Dr. Archana Pandge Dr. S. L. Jadhav 2014
Comparative Study of Socio demographic profile and socio epidemiological correlates of MDR Tuberculosis cases registered under RNTCP Programme of city TB Center, PCMC Pune with Non MDR TB Cases-A Case Control Study Dr. Gophane Laxuman Pandurang Dr. U.B.Chitnis 2016
To evaluate the socio-demographic factors affecting the rate of default of cateroy 1 & 2 RNTCP tuberculoses treatment in pimpri- chinchwad municipal corporation region. Dr. Shahank Hande Dr. A. Banerjee 2016